October 5, 2008

La.Pi.S.#17: Pica-Pica (finger food)


Pick me some more :">

These are the most satisfying peanuts I ever tasted. Its not oily nor salty. The only bad side for me is, it is not spicy. Good thing we always have chili powder.

Let me introduce to you "Cheding's" you extra-ordinary peanut pica-pica.

This is a toasted peanuts from Iligan City, Lanao del Norte. Since its toasted, the oil of the peanuts comes out naturally thus its almost greaseless and not saturated. It is not salty, not even a trace of salt at all. I guess if you grind and whip this on a food processor it will become an all-natural peanut butter.

This was given to me by a friend from Cagayan de Oro last February. She again gave half a kilo last April and we (me & 3 more people) ate it in less than 10 minutes.

Visit me more often and I will do the same :) Have a maLasang Pinoy Sunday to all :) :x :*

All photos are captured using Canon Powershot A460


mirage2g said...

good thing hingi ito ma-fats, kungdi bawal sayo! :D

I never liked peanuts much, I don't know why, cguro because of what they say you'll grow pimples munching on them, lol!

Happy LP! ;-)


Maver said...

naku kaaway ito ni robert uric acid :D

here's mine:


Happy Sunday!

Clicking Away said...

Jay, mukhang masarap ng iyan... ang hirap lang diyan eh once you start eating it you can't stop. Mahirap nga sa uric acid yan.

maiylah said...

gusto ko yung brand na yan! nakakatuwa, kasi when we stayed in Bukidnon i have never heard of them. lol. ;P

ces said...

ever tried this...mahirap iharap ito k mr. at sobrang hilig sa mani!:)hey have a great week ahead!

Me, the islands and the world said...

ay naku, this is one of my fave mani! hindi pwdng wala akong dala nyan if ever i get to CDO. btw, if you want to try the mani of Davao naman, they fried peanuts beside San pedro cathedral are quite good.

purplegirl said...

peanuts are my absolute favorite. yun nga, I have to make my own :( pero ok na rin since I can make mine sssspicy!!!

MikeMina said...

i love peanuts! i was in a trade fair in bangkok recently and they served this really good brand of peanuts (TONG GARDEN). . . sa sobrang sarap, kinapalan ko ang mukha ko na humingi . . . they happily gave me 4 packs :-)

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