November 6, 2010

Food Trip # 83 : @ Shakey's (2 of 2)

Hero, Salad and Chicken

This is what I had when me and GF had dinner with her friends. Sorry for a blurred photo. When I captured it, it was good on my camera's LCD, but to my dismay when I arrive home and viewed it on the PC. :(

Its another day to fetch my girlfriend from her work, while I'm waiting for her, I heard from her friends that they are craving to have a platter of Carbonara Pasta in this restaurant and they plan to meet up there. Since I am adjacent to them, they invited me by asking first what would be our (me and GF) plans for the night. I said I would consult her (my GF) first. They punch in their time cards to end the day and left.

When my GF came, she asked me to grab a snack in the City proper. We dine at Hanabells. She ordered spaghetti and I had fettuccine. We strolled a little in Divisoria to hunt for new shoes for her but no luck. So we went to the Gaisano City Mall, still no luck. We went to the grocery and bought pop beans and microwavable popcorn for TV nights. When dinnertime came, she asked me where I want to eat. I shared to her what I witnessed and she texted her friends if they will go with their plans. But no replies received so I asked her we would just dine in there with or without them. So proceeded and informed them that we are there. A few minutes came they arrived and ordered.

Sadly, carbonara supreme is not available thus the two of them ate and shared spaghetti meatballs, I forgot the other one's order but GF ordered this for we are still full from the past snacks in Hanabells and from the pop beans. We also shared to them the remaining pop beans and ate it while waiting for everybody’s' order.

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
Shakey's Pizza and Pasta
2/f Lim Ket Kai Mall
Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental, Philippines
last 30th of April 2010

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