November 28, 2010

Food Trip # 93 : Barkadahan Grill

Chicken BBQ

May I ask, in your own opinion, whats the difference between "Chicken Inasal" and "Chicken BBQ"?

It was my GF's sister's wedding day. After the usual morning greetings with GF, she shared to me that they forgot to bring with them in the bridal suite some items. I volunteered myself that since im free at that time, ill be the one who will buy those things. Shyly she agreed. from the hotel im staying at, I went to Robinsons Place Cagayan de Oro to buy those stuff then I delivered it to her. but since she is so busy to get it, i entrusted it to her brother.

then i went back to my hotel, stayed for a while then went out to eat lunch. Barkadahan Grill is the most nearest grill and since i haven't tried to dine there, i excitedly went in. here come the problem, it took me more time standing and staring at the menu on top of the counter. whats the difference between "Chicken Inasal" and "Chicken BBQ" i asked myself. since i cant decide what to eat between the two dishes, i ordered the chicken BBQ since i already have an idea what chicken inasal taste like.

after eating my dish, i can now answer my own question. the difference of BBQ to Inasal is, Inasal has lemongrass, the tang of the lemongrass really makes the inasal more yummier than BBQ. do you agree with me?

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
Barkadahan Grill
Pabayo-Neri sts., Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental, Philippines
last 08th of May 2010

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