September 11, 2009

Food Trip # 14 : Cookies and Cream Cake

Cookies and Cream Cake
by Red Ribbon Bakeshop

This cake is given by my pangga for our Anniversary as BF/GF :"> thanx pangga :x

when we where planning our anniversary date, we straighten out: the place; the food; and itenerary before and after the said date. My pangga suggested to omit my idea on dessert for this cake so that it would be more yummier, more fun of eating it in their home and more romantic in sharing it. plus its more "practical" since its a whole cake that we and her family can enjoy it too.

sorry dear readers i cant organized my thought on how to share to you what really happned. but to give you an idea. i suggested a slice of cake served in the resto but she suggested "why not buy this cake and lets put a candle and enjoy it at home". i really love my pangga's brilliant and romantic ideas :D

Have a Great Friday to all of us Food Friday Diners :D

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580
last 27th of August 2009
in Cagayan de Oro City



♥peachkins♥ said...

Jay,na-hack daw yata yung site. here's the new link..

Happy FF!

Dj MariƱas said...

Sarap nyan Jay. Super sweet tamang tama sa mag sweetheart. he he

maiylah said...

hehe, we had this last week! hubby bought a whole cake and i ate almost half of it! LOL

thanks for playing again, Jay

wishing you and your Panga lots and lots of blissful and romantic years together ... :))

Zeee said...

basta red ribbon sarap talaga! ;)

luna miranda said...

what a sweet gesture. what did you give her as an anniversary gift?:P

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