September 4, 2009

Food Trip # 11 : Fish Roe Adobo

What's the sense of traveling places without sampling their local specialties. Food that makes the place known for and the other way around. This is my Food Trip, where visiting a place is not the same nor complete without eating what do locals are proud of. I will make a blog entries regarding the food I tasted during my travels in this meme so do please visit every Friday and the Food Friday Meme.

Adobong Bihod (Fish roe)

its my first time to visit my pangga's family in Cagayan de Oro City and the first agenda on my arrival is to eat dinner since i took the last flight of Philippine Airlines. I specially requested my pangga for us to dine here in Panagatan Seafood Restaurant.

more pix - of food from this trip - to come so pls visit me again.

Town / City : Opol
Province : Misamis Oriental
Resto / Food place : Panagatan Seafood Restorant

Have a Great Friday to all of us Food Friday Diners :D

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580
in Panagatan Seafood Restorant
Opol, Misamis Oriental
last 26 August 2009



luna miranda said...

omg, this is my favorite part---bihod! grilled or deep-fried, really delicious. now i'm craving for bihod!!!!

caryl said...

wow looks delish but haven't tried this yet... :)

Dj MariƱas said...

Bihod is Itlog ng isda di ba Jay? Sarap yan :-D

Lynn said...

This is delicious! Malasa talaga.

alpha said...

di ko pa to na-try, saka duwag akong magtikim ng mga food na bago sa kin ;)

re sa cake, yes, ok lang naman mag-order ng cake in pieces tapos i-arrange na lang. sobrang malaki ng matitipid. konting creativity lang ang kelangan. ;) good luck!

Mirage said...

Anong isda galing ito? Nacurious ako wow!

♥peachkins♥ said...

Panalo ito ah!

Seiko said...

I'd never knew this.Pwede palang iadobo ang isda & the name of this fish never been heared din,since your entries seems so delish.

maiylah said...

oohhh ... gikan diay ka CDO!! been ages since i've been there ... miss the place! :)

so sorry for not visiting last week ... my blog got hacked for some reason and i couldn't get to it anymore...
will be transferring Food Friday to this blog... can you please change your FF button link to here:

appreciate it much!
many thanks! :)

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