July 21, 2009

Taste My Life # 09 : Culinary TV Viewier part 2

I am so hook on Culinary TV shows
Part two

This entry is to update my entry on the 1st part and some additionals.

off the air :((

- "Tablescapes: life on a plate" hosted by Chef Bruce Lim and Ms. Angel Aquino
- "Chef to Go" hosted by Chef Rob Pengson
- "KaToque: lutong barkada" hosted by Katoque Barkada

New time slots:

- "True Confections" is now Sundays at 6:45pm QTV 11
- "Heny Sison" is now back on air Sundays 8:30am QTV 11
- "Iron Chef - Japan" is now on air Fridays 7:25pm QTV 11

New shows i love and hook on to:

- "Secret of the Masters" Sundays after "True Confections" QTV 11

this is the first show in the Philippines wherein they feature Master Chefs (one chef per episode) who are masters in Philippine culinary based here and/or abroad. Some episodes feature foreign blood chefs but now based here in our country.

some of these masters are top or executive chefs of fine dinning restaurants and hotels; Culinary School administators/founders; restaurateurs; and others alike.

- "Tara lets eat: sunday special" 1st and 3rd Sundays QTV11 10:45pm

this special, features the summary of their episodes on "the Beat" QTV 11 mondays 10pm. some what like a re-run but editeod to create a theme for the sunday episode. i love this show simply bcoz its more compact, preisice and more drool than the monday episode :D

Disclaimer: this is not a paid sponsorship nor endorsement to the said shows, personalities, website links and entities.
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