July 26, 2009

La.Pi.S # 58 : WHIP eat


Tapioca Salad

Everytime i crave for dessert. this one comes to my mind. its a simple dessert and easy to WHIP up when that sugar rush comes. All you need is to WHIP all-purpose cream, condensed milk. and mix in tapioca (sago). thats it :D pretty simple isnt it?

You can add one or many of the following depending to your wants and cravings: nata de coco (coconut gel cubes); Kaong (sugar palm); Gulaman (gelatin); fruits (fresh cubes or canned).

as for this photo, its just Tapioca and Nata de Coco. embellished with strawberry fan.

Photoherein is captured using
Canon Powershot A460
last 27th of October 2007
at our home in La Union

Have a great day ka-Lasang-Pinoy :D



raquel said...

super sarap! and so easy to make...!!! i'll have it without any toppings...LOL!

tsang said...

This is really pretty easy. I like the nata de coco but the problem is I dont have that in here toink! bummer. Thanks for sharing this, I might try this with fruits.

Anya said...

uu nga agent jay, ang dali lang maski ako kaya ko yan, hehe.

gagawin ko yan bukas, close na kasi ang nearby market ngayon eh, la mabibilihan ng sago.

oggi said...

This would also be yummy with gulaman or buco. Parang sago at gulaman with whipped cream.:)

Shey said...

This sounds yummy for a quick sugar fix. Nice idea! :)

ces said...

simply delicious!:)

♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

wow simple nga! easy to do ah :D

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