April 13, 2009

Taste My Life # 05 : Reflections on Black Saturday and Easter Sunday

The Butterfly

They say that the butterfly is one great symbol of Easter where in from a caterpillar will place itself on a cocoon and transform itself to a beautiful butterfly.

When I was I kid, we have a soursop (guyabano; Annona muricata) tree. Every summer, caterpillars will nest on it and they are so many of them. Ill collect them as many as I can and place it on an empty sardine can, add water and ill boil it on a burning dried leaves and twigs. I always see a caterpillar as a pesky creature that can give you itchy body once on contact.

What I did to that poor caterpillar is also pretty much the same as the Romans did to our Lord. The see the Lord as treat, a thorn that must be taken out. Thus the hardship that the Lord went on through. Being a caterpillar is just part of the journey that it must go thru. Same as the Lord, that hardship is only a part of the journey that must take place for our salvation.

Once a caterpillar spins to create a cocoon, it will be laid into rest for another transformation. Same as the Lord. The Lord will now be laid into rest for three days for the much waited fulfillment of a great promise.

The empty cocoon is like the empty tomb. The caterpillar is not anymore present but it has a resurrected to a beautiful being, the butterfly. Same as the Lord, He left us with an empty tomb. All linens are folded. And we see it as a new being, not any more in flesh but in spirit, in our midst that always dwell among us, where every we maybe.

The Lord is triumphant over death and fulfilled His promise that He will build this Church after three days.

Happy Easter to every one.

These words are made from a personal opinion and reflection. It does not reflect on the opinion of my religious affiliations and of the Catholic faith.

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Pamposh Dhar said...

Indeed, the butterfly is such a powerful symbol.

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