April 8, 2009

ABC Wed R4: the Letter "L"

L is for
Luffa Acutangula

We stew this w/ a locally made thin thread noodle called "misua".

Have a Great Wednesday to all of us :D

All photos herein are captured by Familia Khuletz using Canon Powershot A580 in a local market last 16th of January 2009. Post processed using PhotoStudio 5 by ArcSoft



Sylvia K said...

Great photo! Interesting post! Always enjoy learning something new! Have a great week!

photowannabe said...

Very interesting. I have never heard of this before. That's whay I like this type of blogging so much.

Pat - Arkansas said...

Luffa reminds me of Okra, also a stewing vegetable, and a requirement for the preparation of southern Gumbo. Nice choice for your L.

Tumblewords: said...

Always something to learn. Fascinating!

Jay said...

Gosh ... is this the same plant that grows into a fruit you can dry as a bath/shower scrubbing 'brush'?

We used to have one of those!

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