March 21, 2013

"NEWEL" Rags 2 Riches Spring/Summer Collection 2013

19 March 2013
The Gallery, Greenbelt 5,
Makati City, Philippines

Rags 2 Riches launches it Spring/Summer Collection 2013 named "Newel" (n. weave in T'boli - a Philippine Tribe).

Rags2Riches Newel - Models

The rag weavers of Payatas (the biggest dump site in the Philippines) produce doormats for a living and they only earn a little. Then Philippine Fashion Icons and Designers asked the weavers to weave for them and the said designers infused it in their works thus it became Rugs 2 Riches. Now the said rug weavers are now artisans and now earns big. The lowly doormat is now part of high-end fashion material.

Rags2Riches Newel - Artisans
Rags2Riches Newel - Artisans
For this Collection, each Bag fuses artisanal weave (the rag) and a T'boli hand woven cloth called "T'nalak". To get more information about the bag, click their respective captions and it will lead you to Rags 2 Riches website (

Rags2Riches Newel - Benwu and Kena Tote
Rags2Riches Newel - Benwu Tote (big) and Kena Tote Bag (small)

The said launch also introduces Ms. Bianca Gonzalez as the first Rags 2 Riches (R2R) Style Advocate for this collection. It was also R2R's first collection without tagging its designer's name which was Mr. Rajo Laurel

Rags2Riches Newel - people
(L-R) the Emcee; Ms. Bianca Gonzalez; R2R CEO; and Mr. Rajo Laurel

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