March 15, 2013


The former archbishop of Buenos Aires, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio (76), began his first day as Pope. As He goes out to the balcony of St. Peter's basilica, my first question was "why He did not wore the red vestment?"(sorry, I dont know the right term, its the red vestment that drapes from the back of the neck to the chest) then He did a gesture that stuns me. He bowed down to the people as He ask for the people's blessing. His humility really struck me. 

A man so Holy yet so humble. This made me speechless and this also serves as my new challenge and new order from Him. So therefore I can conclude that "Humility" is now the new best policy. :D

# # # # #

Some Trivia that I gathered that I want to remember thus this entry:

  • He is the 266th Pope.
  • He is the first Latin American Pope.
  • He is the first Pope from the religious order of Society of Jesus (Jesuits).
  • He chosen the name "Francis" taken (might be) from St. Francis of Assisi or St. Francis Xavier.
  • He was anointed to be the next Pope after the 5th round of Conclave. 
  • 2am Manila time (GMT+8)14th of March 2013 the Sistine Chapel's chimney blew white smoke.
  • A seagull stopped by the chimney for awhile before that white smoke appeared. Seagull is one of the symbol of St. Francis of Assisi.  
  • They said that Jesus asked St. Francis of Assisi to rebuild His church and now the Lord is calling Pope Francis to lead us (the catholic faithful) in rebuilding the church from scandals and issues. 
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