March 8, 2013

LG Optimus G Product Launch

6 March 2013
The Peninsula Manila
Makati City

LG Electronics (Mobile Communications) launches its new product, the LG Optimus G

The Launch

The launch was held in The Peninsula Manila. After the guest registration we all went to the Rigodon Ballroom.

LG Optimus G Launch Registration

While waiting for the program to start, we tested the product at the LG Experience Zone. Initially we had a glimps of LG Optimus G's power, performance and features. Truly, this product is promising us to live without boundaries.

LG Optimus G Experience Zone

They served the buffet dinner at around 7pm and the program proper at 8pm. Speeches from the LG Electronics Philippines and some of its guest speakers shared their messages and experiences of the product. The highlight of the program was the product presentation from Ms. Faith Mijares, Product Manager for LG Electronics Philippines.

LG Optimus G Launch Product Presentation

After the presentation, the brand ambassadors took center stage and shares their experiences about the product. Ms. Heart Evangelista, loves the smart camera while Mr. KC Montero and Mr. Tony Tony (the Emcee) loves the Jet Black finish and powerful performance. At the end of the program, the crowd - from LG Bosses to all guest - went to the LG Experience Zone for more glimpse and to try out Ms. Mijares' presentation.

 photo LGOptimusGLaunch1_zpsf83e9bc9.jpg

The Product

LG Optimus G has many amazing features that you'll surely love, here are just some of it:

LG Optimus G photo LGOptimusG2_zps038cfc9e.jpg

Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro (APQ8064) Processor with a Quad-Core Krait 1.5GHz CPU. Now thats power times four! In laymans' term, its means that it will run applications at faster speed, about 40% than the competition.

4.7 inches true-to-life display with 1280x768 pixel resolution with 15:9 aspect ratio. In layman's term, its clear crisp display with sharper visibility and brilliant colors that makes it more alive.

LG Optimus G photo LGOptimusG4_zpsdbb891ee.jpg

13 Mega Pixel Camera that makes our bulky camera a little obsolete. 4G LTE connectivity simply means its lightning fast mobile internet. In layman's term, we can take a photo and "instagram" or "facebook" it in a snap anywhere we are.

LG Optimus G

These superb user experience is what I do love most about LG Optimus G:

QSlide makes me run or use two applications at the same time. Based on my experience at the LG Experience Zone I can view movies/videos while on facebook. The movie/video runs on the background with nearly transparent opacity that makes it like a wallpaper for my browser(facebook).

QMemo makes LG Optimus G a digital memo pad. No more memorizing, No more pen and paper, just open the QMemo, write down your notes - lets say a new friends' numbers - then a little clicks the QMemo becomes transparent on top layer then open the phonebook save all those numbers or dial it up.

QTranslator is also a good feature. Just scan/shoot a foreign language then the Qtranslator will translate it for you. Good for those travel buffs who is in need of translation along the road.

LG Optimus G photo LGOptimusG1_zpse982dd81.jpg 

Now, the magic question is how much and when it will be available in the market. According to our chats in our table, the price ranges from 25,000 to 26,000 pesos and be available publicly in April after the New York Launch. The price depends on the model. So we need to wait for more details. As for me and for this blog, we will certainly wait for this product in the market.
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