March 21, 2013

Alpenliebe is now in the Philippines...

...and its about more than a month now.

We Filipinos loves only two things on candies, its whether sweet or mentholated or even both. Perfetti Van Melle (makers of beloved candies like Mentos, Chupa Chups, and Fruittella) brings a new brand of candies that we will all love, the Alpenliebe.


It comes in two different flavors: Caramel and; Strawberry. Both flavors have a mix of milk thus it creates a creamy goodness in the mouth. Alpenliebe Strawberry is like strawberry milkshake and Alpenliebe Caramel is like sweetened milk. It comes in a 50 piece bag good for sharing and for those bore-some meetings or long travels.

Alpenliebe is Perfetti Van Melle’s first milk-based deposited candy which was launched in Italy in 1984. Alpenliebe is manufactured by Perfetti Van Melle, the same company that has brought Mentos, Chupa Chups, Fruittella, and Smint. Perfetti Van Melle is the third largest confectionery manufacturer in the world and distributes its products in over 130 countries worldwide, including the Philippines.
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