July 1, 2011

Pepsi Blue

aka Pepsi Pinas

Food Blog hopping is defenenitly drooling and makes us more hungry. Im posting this entry for us to drink before we all get choked.

Pepsi Blue is an old product and its now making a revival but sadly for a limited time only. I wonder why it bears the label "Pepsi Pinas", is it because its only available here in the Philippines? Its TV ad has a tag line "akin ang Pinas" which makes all characters fighting to claim 'Pinas'.

It has a slight, very slight taste difference compared to the regular Pepsi Cola probably because of the blue flavoring they used.



Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
Our House
last 24th of June 2011



Sheryl of georyl.com said...

nice shot! i don't know much about cameras and photography but i'm sure the cam that you're using is at the high end side.

too bad tgis is only available in the PI. can't try them yet...


Late Bloomer Blog said...

hubby's favorite drink: pepsi. :D

Visiting via Yummy Sunday. Here's my entry: Komoro Soba

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