July 17, 2011

@Yoshinoya 1 of 2 : Beef Yakiniku Rice Bowl

Beef Yakiniku Rice Bowl

here's the story that i promised last week.

14 May 2011

GF is a grade school principal. she and her 2 co-principals (pre-school and high school) had a seminar here in Manila, in the University of Asia and the Pacific.

Their flight to Manila supposed to be at around 9 in the morning (ETD) but sadly, it was delayed for how many hours due to numerous (and conflicting)reasons. The airline gave them snacks as their lunch. They arrived Manila at around 5pm, arrived at their accommodations around six in the evening.

after they settled their things we all went to SM Megamall to have dinner. Just imagine how hungry they are because of that delays. after browsing the interactive info map of the mall, ms. Pre-School Principal suggested "Yoshinoya" for dinner.

wow, my amazement went all up! our timing is so blessed, Yoshinoya have buy1 take1 yakiniku rice bowl. I ordered that for me and GF.

I also ordered ramen to heat up our tummy. that ramen is up next week.



Photo herein is captured using
Sony Cybershot W80 in
Bldg A,Level 1, SM Megamall
Mandaluyong City

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