July 22, 2011

@Yoshinoya 2 of 2 : Gyoza Udon

Gyoza Udon

here's the continuation of the story that i promised last week.

14 May 2011

My Bad :( I wrote "Ramen" last week, Udon is the exact term. I don't know whats the difference but what i do know it is both good tummy fillers.

MY GF and I always wanted to have soup for dinner to warm up the tummies and the conversations and it serves as appetizers as well. Since our rice meal is a bargain (buy 1 take 1), soup is the next thing in mind. I love gyoza thus I ordered this. Coke is sold separately and we paired it up to our rice meal.



Photo herein is captured using
Sony Cybershot W80 in
Bldg A,Level 1, SM Megamall
Mandaluyong City

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