July 27, 2011

APX Rewards

Fly Free with AirPhilExpress Rewards

Have you heard in the news that theres this one guy who flown a million miles thus he was rewarded free tickets. I asked myself "how many miles that I've flown?" hmmmmm???? To date, I already flown for a total of 12 routes : Manila-Cebu; Dumaguete-Manila; and five times Manila-Cagayan de Oro-Manila.

Let's do a little math. If my source is correct, Manila to Cebu is 353 miles; Dumaguete-Manila is 396 miles and Manila-Cagayan de Oro is 490 miles. So 353 plus 396 plus (490 times 10) is equals to 5649. =)) I really need more money to become a Million Miler =))

Good thing there this "APX Rewards". We dont have to became a million miler to get free tickets. For every ten (10) domestic boarding passes, they will give us one way domestic ticket for free. For every ten (10) International Boarding passes they will be giving us one way international ticket. further more, we can exchange two (2) domestic boarding passes for one (1) international boarding pass and vice versa.

What we are waiting for, lets go fly with Airphilexpress and sooner or later we can have one free ticket. As for me, to this date, I already have two (2) boarding pass waiting for me, Eight more to go. Wow! thats a lot of life, love, travel and food, not to mention a lot of blog entries!

Visit http://www.airphilexpress.com/rewards/ for the complete details.

Like them on facebook.com/airphilexpressph

Visit Airphilexpress website or call (02)855-9000 (Manila) or (032)505-1616(Cebu)for your booking.

See you in T3!

Photo herein is digitized using
Canon Lide 20 Color Scanner
from flyer issued by
Cubao Ticketing Office

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