December 21, 2009

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Loot Bag

sunday 20th of December 2009

i went to GK Aguinaldo Village by invitation from a friends whos been years - 4 years i guess - that i nver seen nor communictaed with.

we went there to give Christmas cheer on GK Aguinaldo's Sagip and Sibol Kids. its a Christmas party to be exact. games, dance, food, laughters.the featured photo is a loot bag for all kids who went there. it has peanuts, candies and chocolates.

as a rule, i cant and i wont show you some of the pictures since they are all kids.

"sagip" kids is in the range of elementary student, whereas a "sibol" kids are pre-schoolers and toodlers. a Sagip-Sibol School is (similar to) a day care center. GK is short for "Gawad Kalinga" which litteralty means "to give care" is an entity, a foundation for less furtunate.

going back to the story, my friend, lets call her "Bang" is a volunteer worker for these kids. and evry Christmas, she prepares this party in her own expence. we - me and a friend, lets call him "Benj" - is there to support her and to facilitate 1 of many games. i prepared for the game materials and rules. Benj prepared the give aways for our game.

being with this kids, makes me feel the true meaning of Christmas. its been years since i last went there. and im glad for the invitation guys. its a pleasure to serve GK Bulacan again, even in a small way.

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
Gawad Kalinga Aguinaldo Village
Towerville, San Jose del Monte City, Bulacan, Philippines
last 20th of December 2009


My Online Earnings said...

cute ng pixel bug, haha, thanks for sharing this. First time to see this.

My Online Earnings said...

cute ng pixel bug, haha, thanks for sharing this. First time to see this.

My Online Earnings said...

sorry the link is not correct. Here it is.

chubskulit said...

So cool, kids will surely appreciate that.

Fun with Snow

Marites said...

i've been missing the GK activities. SAna, there are more activities here in my city. It's good that you were able to share and do some GK activities this Christmas:)

My mellow yellow is here

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

A bag of goodies
tempting me to gobble them—
how can I resist?

My Mellow Yellow

Manang Kim said...

Like the color of that loot there are so appreciative of what they gonna get this Christmas...Merry Christmas!!

Nativity scene

Jona said...

i've been to gift-giving projects like this and it's so heart melting to see the kids' smiles even for small gifts.

Hawaiian Christmas Party

Seiko said...

akin na? ehehe just kidding...but in seriousness bait nyo naman...God Bless your hearts.

Happy Holidays!!

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