December 25, 2009

Food Trip # 34 : @ Chicken Inasal Bacolod Style Grillhouse (part 4 of 4)


It was the night before i leave Cagayan de Oro, my first visit came to end. i fetched myGF in her work then we went to Lim Ket Kai Center (LKK) for me to buy pasalubong for the family. To our surprise, her mom informed us (thru SMS) that her family is waiting at the parking lot and inviting us for a family dinner :"> when we met them, we went to Chicken Inasal Bacolod Style Grillhouse. its her parents' treat so they ordered for the whole family.

Last offering, the parents' Dessert.

Heavenly Buko Halo

firstly, i would like to thank myGF's parents for the dinner treats. im so full.

they also ordered "chicken adobo" and a cup of rice each and 2 pitchers of soda. i haven't featured it simply because i was so busy eating and i forgot to take a photo of it, i was late to remember to take a photo.

for this final offering, ill be featuring this 'heavenly dessert', yummy isn't it.? sorry if its a bit blurry. when her parents asked me to take the photo, i move immediately so that they can eat it right away. only the parents had the dessert since we - the kids - are all so full.

its an halo-halo placed on fresh coconut, embellished with papaya. believe me, im drooling while im taking the photo but i am really full, no more vacancy in my tummy :D

Thanx for the yummy treats Daddylo and Mommyla

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
Chicken Inasal Bacolod Style Grillhouse
corner Tiano-Macahambus sts.,
Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental, Philippines
last 1st of September 2009


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Dj MariƱas said...

Naku Jay, ako, i always make room for dessert. he he

Merry Christmas to you and your family

♥Willa♥ said...

It really look so heavenly! sarap!!!

Clarissa said...

Oh my!!I love that buko halo,Jay!!Kelan kaya ako makaka-kain uli nyan??

maiylah said...

Nice presentation! like Dj i always make room for desserts, too! lol. in fact, minsan pag buffet style i always go straight to the desserts section. :D

thanks for playing again, Jay
happy holidays to you and to your family!

Wifey10 said...

Hmmm..I miss Bacolod Chicken Inasal.nakakalaway, you made me miss it more.hehe.. By the way I'm Roxxy, new to blogging, hopefully you cloud follow me as well :).thanks!

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