February 15, 2009

La.Pi.S # 36: I ♥ FOOD


My love for Food

I really do love food - to eat to be exact - more than i love cooking.

I had a passion on culinary magazine - I read 2 brands/titles per month - and in dining :D

My love for food started during my elementary day when i seen my mothers recipe collection as her final requirement during her college days. From that day on, i do collect recipes from newspapers, product labels w/c i used for my High School Home Economics projects. I still do the same plus i now collect from internet; subscribe for emails from products endorsement and avid Culinary TV viewer.

The picture herein is taken from Pizza Hut La Union. I ordered a regular BBQ ribs pan pizza and a bottomless soda. that pizza is worth coming back for more. its really great.

my most loved foods are:

Italian - Pasta & Pizza
Japanese - sushi, shashimi and ramen
Korean - nothing in particular but i love the way koreans eat their meal as i see in their TV soaps (koreanovela)
Chinese - dim sum & dumplings and noodles
Filipino - adobong gulay; nilaga; inihaw; prito; kare-kare and pinoy kaldereta

dine out:
believe me, my tummy is so sensitive to high-end restos thus i prefer fast-food, carinderia, turo-turo, food carts and food kiosk in slum areas. This is the reason why in this blog you'll see/view more on pinoy street foods rather than reviews on restos, fast-food and mall dinning areas.

and the list goes on. im an adventurous eater, but if it is salty or fatty, its all yours, its forbidden to me :D

All photos herein are captured using Canon Powershot A580

Have a great day ka-Lasang-Pinioy :D



Zriz said...

Wow Jay! Love mo talaga ang food!

For Italian I learned to love calamari with marinara sauce, their different kinds of pasta sauces, too..

Chinese: dim sum, congee, etc (anything basta chinese is a fave)

Vietnamese: Love their yummy Pho Bo talaga!

Middle Eastern: Shawarwa, gyro (i tried eating lamb), shish kebab

Korean: Kimchi and Beef Bulgogi (I need to try more)

And sa Filipino? That would be Balbacua, Sisig (cheesig) yummmy!

Mouthwatering na...hehehe

My entry is up din Jay

Pinky said...

BBQ Ribs Pizza? Bago yon ha! Di ba sobrang nakakabusog? Want to try it though...pero baka hanggang 2 slices lang kaya ko - hehehe :)

Hope you had a food-tabulous Valentine's, Jay!

Mirage said...

Ano balbacua? I miss sisig with lots of aligue! hihi, I also love food kaso I shouldn't :D delikado lol. Happy LApis!

iska said...

i ♥ FOOD too! I's quite adventurous, too. Walang takot sa kahit anong pagkain, kahit saan at kung saang kultura man galing. :-)

ces said...

naks naman ha! the foodie in you, jay! complete with yummy magz pa! now, i'm craving bulgogi!:) happy Vday!

havenlei said...

Obviously... you love to eat! Hello to you!

julie said...

Hindi ka mahilig sa food ha :D Maybe you can start your own food biz na, together with Jenn :)

Manang said...

Hindi halatang you love food! hindi ka mataba eh!

maiylah said...

nice one, Jay!
i used to collect recipes from different sources, too. my mom also did a lot of collecting during her time. until the internet and cable television came. lol.

happy start of the week, Jay!

Jescel said...

some of the best foods are found in hole-in-the-wall eateries and street foods, not necessarily in 5-star restaurants. it's what we love and enjoy that matters ;oD

Anya said...

ako din i love food, i just wish na maging kasing-adventurous mo ako pagdating sa kainan. i don't eat food na di ko kilala eh (silly me, i know).

thess said...

Apir, co-foodie! btw was that a 25 cm. pan pizza? Can u finish a whole pan? 2 weeks ago I did..oh man!

Shoshana said...

I love eating food. I like to cook, but not as much as eating what someone else has made!


hi jay. i love your street food fotos. send more of them. i love yummy magazine too

Munchkin Mommy said...

uy, miss ko na ang yummy magazine! when my mom came to visit us last year, bilin ko na dalhan ako ng back issues ng yummy! i'll request her to bring me some again when she comes to visit us middle of this year. :)

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