November 2, 2008

La.Pi.S.#21: Spicy


I want mine SPICY!

When i was a kid, i was maltreated by my cousins and Aunt spreading spiced vinegar unto my lips every time they are mad at me.

When I was in High School I attended the Citizens Army Training at the early stage of 1st year wherein munching chilies is just like munching peanuts. That started my obsessions on spiced dishes. I always buy "chili sauce" or "Hot sauce" and liberaly springle it on any dish.

as of todate, im into "chili powder"and "cayenne powder" since fresh chilies are not only expensive but hard to find a good one. I always add this powder to my dips and dishes.

let me share my fave dish that I really want to be spicy. I guess that many of the LaPiS Followers will feature "Bicol Express" which is the Hottest dish in the country. but this sharing is far more from down south.

This people is the Visayan Kilawin (chevishe)


Fish cubes (i used blue marlin on this), onions, garlic, vinegar, chilies, salt and pepper to taste, Tabon-tabon (pix below) and Suha slices (sorry, not present on this pix but i have a pix of suha below)

  • cut the tabon-tabon in half and scrape the meat using a spoon
  • mix tabon-tabon bits in vinegar and let it sit for about 30 min.
  • meanwhile, soak fish in vinegar for 5 min and drain, squeeze the fish to discard excess vinegar
  • plate the fish, stain tabon-vinegar mix, pour unto the fish, mix remaining ingredients.

here is the tabon-tabon (the brown one), its like hard headed santol but the size of chicken egg and the Suha (like a mini pomelo; the green one) with a sized slightly biiger than quail egg

sorry if the last pix was dark, it was taken on a dark room captured using a sony DVD camcorder of a friend, my Canon PS a460 was sick that time. these was shared/given to me by my dearest friend from Cagayan de Oro City last february and april (respectively). I hope she can give me some more again this Chrismas :))

Visit me more often and I will do the same :) Have a maLasang Pinoy Sunday to all :) :x :*

All photos are captured using Canon Powershot A460 except last photo using Sony DCR-DVD605e


Pinky said...

Thanks for sharing this, Jay. :) Though I'm not really a fan of (too)spicy dishes, it's interesting to see what the different places in the Philippines have to offer in terms of "heating up the palate"!

The tabon-tabon is also something new to me - is it a fruit? How does it taste when eaten by itself?

Sorry, daming tanong ha - hehehe :D

Happy LaPiS!

mirage2g said...

Onga, what's the tabon tabon? Mukhang santol pero utak yung loob.

Wawa ka naman, tinawag mo ba sa bantay bata yung aunt mo?
Naalala ko din yang sa CAT, naku, eh ayaw ko pa nman ng sili.

This kilawin does look like bicol express but I bet tastes much different!

♥peachkins♥ said...

I like spicy dishes pero di ako mahilig sa Kilawin...

Mine's here and here

Happy La.Pi.S!

Maver said...

love love love kilawin!

kakaibang mga prutas yan a. prutas nga ba? hehehe.

my lapis post here:

Munchkin Mommy said...

naku mahilig ako sa kilawin! pero yung fish. :D isa pa akong hindi alam ang tabon-tabon. hee hee.

Me, the islands and the world said...

ay, kinilaw! tsarap! pero yoko ng spicy hindi ko malasahan ang pagkain hehehe! Mahirap hanapin ang tabon-tabon dito kaya lemonsito ang pampaasim namin:)

Ambait naman ng kamag-anak mo..pinakain ka ng maraming sili. Buti hindi mo sinumbong sa Bantay BAta.

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