November 30, 2008

Taste My Cooking # 05 : La.Pi.S # 25 : SiLog



That stands for PUsit – SInangaag – itLOG (fried dried squid, fried rice & fried egg).

Probably you are asking “where is the egg”. Well, Im not into runny eggs so I hate sunny side-ups & soft boiled eggs. What I done here is I fried first the dried squid, set aside. On the same pan and oil I fried the slightly beaten egg until well done, sliced it thinly, set aside. On the same pan and oil, sautéed garlic bits until brown then stir-fried the rice and sliced egg.

Oh, dear!!!!!!!!!! I really miss my loving atebunz and her danggit. This should have been dang-si-log :(

Have a great Sunday to all :)


♥peachkins♥ said...

sarap! nakahalo na ang egg sa rice...

My posts are here and here .

Hope you can visit..

Lynn said...

Sometimes I do that too, ihalo na ang scrambled egg sa sinangag. :)

spiCes said...

oh yeah we do that too in the household, when my hubby's in the mood for fancy fried rice, that is:)

julie said...

That is nice too, the eggs mixed with the rice, though most would have the egg separate :)

Have a great week, Jay :)

Z'riz said...

Yummmm yummm.... Pero hindi ako masyado fan ng pusit...Danggit ang preference ko...especially pag crispy sya pag fry! sarap!

Serving mine here

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