September 28, 2008

La.Pi.S.#16: Rice, Rice, Rice

28 September 2008


Extra Rice Please :-)

Every time i eat out, be it in a mall or just a corner kiosk, i always eat "rice meals". It's budget friendly and the BEST tummy full-fillers.

first, Java Rice...its best with Roast and Grills. think about BBQ :)

Tenderroast @ SM City Fairview (java rice, pork chops, ice tea & pasta)

Reyes BBQ @ SM City Fairview (java rice, pork Liempo, ice tea (hiden))

second, Plain Rice....its always present and "bitin", so call for Extra rice.

@ home (Sautéed Vegies w/ shrimp & rice)

Hen Haw Resto @ Bacnotan, La Union (Sautéed Letchon Kawali & Vegies & rice)

Parting Shot

if you are complaining to the high price of Rice these days, well you are not alone. BUT this Rice is one of the most expensive in this country, even in the world.

Kalinga Rice claims that its a meal at itself. Kalinga is a province north of Luzon in the Cordillera Mountain Range.

Have a maLasang Pinoy Sunday to all :) :x :*

All photos are captured using Canon Powershot A460


JMom said...

aga mo, ha :) I hate I forgot to get Kalinga rice the last time I was in the Philippines. Rice, I don't think I could live without it.

Jenn said...

Ang daming rice ah???? Di halatang gutom ka, kuya! Hahahaha.

ces said...

rice galore! what would these ulam be without rice, db? haven't tried ata that kalinga rice!:)

Anonymous said...

Rice, rice , rice talaga! Your entries looks so yummy. I must agree all have to be eaten with lots of rice.

Happy eating.

Munchkin Mommy said...

i've always associated java rice with aristocrat chicken barbecue! yummy! rice and shine! :)

marites1034 said...

wow! galit ka ata sa rice hehehe! ewan ko kung kagaya yang kalinga rice sa sagada rice na binili namin noon. ganun din, mahal siya. pero, organic atsaka suporta na rin sa mga magsasaka. masarap din.

Dexie said...

wow. that's a lot of yummy stuff..

April said...

wow kakagutom naman dito..

Z'riz said...

Wow daming food ha! hehehehe :) My hubby ALWAYS orders extra rice when we eat out... bottomless pit that he is... :)

BTW this is the first time that I've ever heard of Kalinga rice...

Hope you can drop by mine! La.Pi.S: Rice

mirage2g said...

Lol@lechon kawali photo, naging side dish na ang rice! andami ulan! =D

Kakaiba ang Kalinga rice...for sure masarap yan! Yummy fotos, alas 10 na dito aoyko na kumain =D

Have a happy meal with your rice!!! (lol)

iska said...

parang hindi ko pa yata natitikman yang kalinga rice na yan...

hmmm.. kailangan matikman yan pag-umuwi :-)

maiylah said...

ang daming food! nakakagutom... lol. hven't had a proper breakfast yet and it's now past lunchtime!
would love to try that kalinga rice... do they have that in one of the malls here in QC? :)

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