September 21, 2008

La.Pi.S.# 14: Colorful & La.Pi.S.# 15: Fried (Golden)

Double Entries
Colorful & Golden Fried

I was on a conference last Sunday & i cant afford an rent on a internet cafe so i decided to post two entries for today.


at first, this is not a colorful one, not as colorful as I expected. but since it has more than two colors, it can be colorful isn't it?

This iced/frosted cupcakes & brownies are the dessert for our dinner in our conference in CFC Singles for Christ last Sept. 12 held in San Juan, La Union.

2nd, Golden Fried

from left to right:
Okoy (shrimp fritters), Cane Vinegar w/ onions & salt and; Vigan Empanada

Okoy is made of batter(of corn starch,egg whites & water); shelled shrimps with heads on;and onion leaves. It is deep fried like tempura.

Regular Vigan Empanada(right) is made of grated green papaya or shredded cabbage or both, encased on a corn flour dough.

Special Vigan Empanada(top of vinegar) is similar to regular empanada but this has Vigan Longanisa and egg yolk.

These are deep fried so expect it has excess oil when served.

The Cane Vinegar is locally called Sukang Iloco is made from sugar cane juice fermented in earthen jars. The sweet fermented juice becomes wine and it is locally called Basi and the sour batch or overly fermented is the vinegar.

These are bestsellers specialties in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur. The Empanadahan (Empanda kiosk) are located beside the St. Paul Cathedral, between Plaza Burgos & Mc Donalds Resto.

Parting Shot:

Me and a cart of fried Fishballs in Calle Crisologo (Crisologo street. also in Vigan City.)

the vendor is so trusting enough to leave his whole cart to us. Since he is so camera shy, he opted to exchange for coins while we (me and sister) are enjoying our photo session.


Jenn said...

Ang sarap naman ng cupcakes na yan! Sana nakatikim ako! Ang cute mo next to the fishball cart.. hehehe, ako ata nag-shot niyan!

My LaPiS is now posted in my new food blog here. Happy Sunday... hahaha!

maiylah said...

have to agree with Jenn ... ang sarap ng cupcakes! at maganda din yung shot with you alone at that fishball cart (what happened to the vendor? lol). :)

haven't tasted Vigan Empanada yet ... would love to try!

thanks for the visit, Jay! :)

Clicking Away said...

Jay, those cupcakes looks delicious. The color is just so tempting.

I've tried the Vigan empanada before and did not like it too much. The okoy I love!

Oo nga, whatever happened to the Mamang Fishballs? I hope hindi mo siya tinuhog ng stick....hehehe! Parang advertisment yon before ha.

Happy Lapis!

ces said...

the aqua colored icing is colorful in itself:) and those okoy and fish balls! i want!:) have a great week ahead!

JMom said...

The cupcakes are pretty, but the fried stuff takes my breath away :) I so miss Vigan empanada. Haven't had any in years.

Z'riz said...

Wow! The fried stuff looks yummy! :) I also love the icing on the cupcakes! :)

Serving mine here Golden Brown

jesselyn said...

..hmmm.. parang empanada ko un.. hahaha...^_^...

Munchkin Mommy said...

those cupcakes are soooo pretty! and the bilao of fried goodies...agh! :) sarap magkamay! suka din ang paborito kong sawsawan! :D

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