March 29, 2012

The Hunger Games

23 March 2012
Shang Cineplex 2
6/f EDSA Shangrila Mall

I was so delighted to receive two tickets for the special screening of "The Hunger Games" from Nuffnang Philippines and event sponsors Banana Boat and Schick.

It was held at EDSA Shangrila Cineplex Cinema 2. Upon registration, we are asked by the Nuffnang staff where we would like to seat while presenting the available seats. I was so lucky enough to get a good seat.

Screening time was 8:50pm so while we are waiting, event sponsors gave us some refreshments from Dome Cafe.

We had Canapes (left), Hoisin Chicken Wrap (right) and a glass of iced tea. I forgot to ask the waiter what it was but its like garlic bread. The wrap was good too but the iced tea was great tasting and refreshing.

This event was sponsored by Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion and Schick Razor, both are from the Energizer Company.

Movie Plot:

The story was set in the future world where after the war and famine, the country was divided into 12 districts and the seat of government was in the capitol. The government made a television reality show called "the hunger games" where children both girls and boys aged 12-18 was drafted to fight other children from other districts until sole winner left standing alive. Each district will have two representative - a boy and a girl - called tribute will go the capitol be trained to fight for four days and then they will go to a government controlled forest where these children will fight each other to death. These tributes will also have trainers and handlers that will stand as advisers and also to get sponsors for them to help them survive the game. Along course of the game, some rules was added to bring the games more exciting to the viewers.

Study on Related Stories:

Tekken (film). A story where the world is divided into eight districts and each district will have a representative in a mixed martial arts combat reality show. The difference is that Tekken's representatives are professionals mix martial artist unlike Hunger Games trbutes are simple and innocent children.

Big Brother (TV show). Big brother TV shows are set in a house where cameras was placed all over to monitor all tenants' moves. Hunger Games was set in jungle or forest where cameras are also strategically placed to watch the tributes. Both Big Brother and Hunger Games change or twist its rules just to extract the tenants or tributes survival instincts.


Its all worth it. Its a good movie, however, because of its rating of PG 13, some fight scenes where deleted or blured. The line that says "they (the government) will not take this easy" tells me that this movie will have sequels. My sister said that Hunger Games have three books and an airline magazine said that this movie is a trilogy really proves that theres more to come. Lastly, the last scene in the movie shows the president in a "vengance" look also tells us that this movie have another part.

Likes: "chariot on fire"; Katniss Everdeen's interviews. She is really beautiful; Burial for Rue; Katniss Everdeen's shots the apple.

Dislikes: battle royale on the start of the game. its blurry and shakey, it made me dizzy but I think the director/editor did it to lower the rating to PG13. Im not saying that I want it more brutal, all I'm saying is I want it more clear and more fight scenes.

Parting Words:

Thank you so much once again Nuffnang, Banana Boat and Schick for giving me the chance to watch this movie with you. Im so glad that I'm part of the Nuffnang Bloggers and I'm happy to meet and greet my fellow bloggers.

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
Shang Cineplex 2
6/f EDSA Shangrila Mall
last 23rd of March 2012

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