March 18, 2012

Best Food Forward 2012: the teaser

This coming weekend (24 and 25 March 2012) we are all invited to taste and see the best food in town – in the metro, probably in the country – as chefs, caterers, concessionaires and foodies alike will be marching to Bonifacio Global City to setup their booths and place their best food forward. Now on its second year, Best Food Forward is still the best food fair not only of its food but also for their generosity to give back to charity.

Last 18th of February, yours truly was so privileged to witness and taste some of the participants’ products and creations.

First, a welcome drinks from a 12-year-old girl who is a certified bar tender. Its called "butter beer", beer topped with whip cream. I guess that whip cream has a secret ingredient too. Non-alcoholic variant is also available.

Then Pies and quiche from “Simply Pies”. Its truly simple but not easily to forget. The photo herein is just a sampler thus those pies are in half, so when you see it this weekend, it would be whole and in a cute box.

Organic and healthy pizzas from “Quantum Café

Fried Chicken so crunchy and tasty from “Manang’s Chicken

Kebabs? They have it too, and trust me this is you should not miss from “Skew U

How about pinoys’ favorite chicharon? “Carlos’s Kitchen” crunchybelly cracklings really puts crunch on pork belly.

I hope you still have some space for desserts for they also have lots of it.

Cupcakes – yes that brick looking cake is still a cupcake – from “Choco ATBP” is the most “cacao” tasting choco cupcake I ever tasted. Unlike the others which tasted like processed cocoa. That Brick looking cake is the strongest, as if you are eating newly roasted cacao beans and that cupcakes are on the milder side.


Me love ice cream and not just ice cream but a homemade ice cream. Ice cream from “Pint” is a marriage of fruit and milk in your mouth.

Heavenly-melt-in-your-mouth cakes from “Casa San Luis

Lastly, your boring bread or crackers will be awaken and liven up with these jams and preserves from “The Fruit Garden

For sure and I guarantee these –featured herein- are just a teaser. The above participants have a lot in store for us. Many chefs and concessionaires are also waiting for us. Come and join us and celebrate life as we put the “best food forward” there’s many more to come so be there. If you miss it, you’ll drool waiting for next year. Lastly, don’t forget to bring those handy totes because for sure those food are so best, you’ll bring home some for your love ones.

PS: sorry for featuring this after a month, I'm currently using Compaq Presario 1456 (AMD K6-486MHz ) veteran. My fastest PC was decommissioned. My apologies.
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