March 17, 2012

Greatness Starts @Home: Moment of Achievement

We always say, “Prayers can move mountains”. I belong to a Catholic community at that time but still may faith is not that hard as the others. I am not convinced that prayers can really move mountains until this came to my life.

I was taking Bachelors of Science in Computer Science in a well-known college (it was now a university). I took this course simply because one, I’m into computers since High School and two, it doesn’t have a board exam. Board exam is a task that makes me nervously coward.

My parents as a government employees, Civil Service Eligibility is a must have for them. They encouraged us – me and my two sisters – to have that exam. Again, same as the board exam, it gave me a cold shiver into my spine. I have no choice but to take it since I don’t have a government eligibility examination.

One day, I went to the main office of Civil Service Commissions. I filled up some forms and I choose to take the pen-and-paper test for Professional Eligibility. They gave me my exam permit with the date and time and location for the examination then I patiently waited for that day.

I cant recall where was the exam took place but I guess it was in public school somewhere in Project 4, Quezon City. The exam time was about seven in the morning and our home to the exam place was about two hours traveling so I need to leave the house at five in the morning.

Upon waking up, I immediately took a quick bath and dress-up. My parents was amazed why I was so early, I told them that it’s my Civil Service Exam day. Grabbing my bag with my pencils, permit. I then left the house and took the exam.

After a few months, a letter was sent to me. It formed me that I failed the exam with a grade of 60+, I really forgot. It was frustrating news. After all the hardships I took, all I got is a failing grade. I blamed President Estrada’s Impeachment Trial. Civil Service Professional Eligibility has a section for Philippine Constitution and all questions on that section was all about impeachment, which is all new to all.

On the lighter side, I took it as a “charge to experience” and “try and try until you succeed”. True enough, I found myself again applying and taking the procedures again but on my second try, something different came unexpectedly.

I woke up at 4am, boiled water for coffee. After my bath, my parents asked me where I’m going. I told them that its my Civil Exam day. Dress-up and eat a little, before I grabbed my bag to leave, my mother stopped me for they will pray over me. My heart was touched and even if my mind is telling me that any minute loss will make me late, but still my heart yielded so thus my body and spirit. I took the exam at San Francisco High School, it’s just beside SM North EDSA. I felt that this exam is easier than my first take.

After a few months, the result came thru mail. YES! I did passed with a grade of 80.7% and the passing grade is 80% so I was so thankful of that 1/7 percent. This is my highest and greatest moment of achievement I received. Receiving my Civil Service Eligibility made me realized that without faithful prayers and sacrifices we are all nothing. Thank you dear parents for teaching this virtue.

I owe it to the Lord who gave me all endurance and guided me on every step. Recalling this milestone teaches me that prayers really move mountains. Thanks to my parents who inspired me, encouraged me to achieve this goal. With out their faithful and constant prayers plus their enormous support I will be nothing. All I have to do is to yield to Christ. Truly home and family is not just the basic unit of society but it’s also the basic step towards self-development.

To my parents I offer all of my achievements to you.

PS: sorry if this entry doesn't have a picture, back then my toy camera was not loaded with film. sayang! wala tuloy akong souvenir.

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