September 27, 2010

My life's Change(s)

“iOrganize. Sweetly”

My life before was a chaos. Changes do always happened that prompted me to be more carefree. “bahala na si Batman”(let Batman take care of it) that’s I always say to myself and to others. I meet the deadlines hours before it will came. Sometime I got lucky; sometimes I am sorry for not delivering my part. Even though I did delivered, I’m still not fulfilled, I feel there a lot of missed spots and lapses. I not satisfied of my achievements because I cannot feel I put my heart on what I’ve done.

That’s what I want to change. Little by little, I’m a bit more organized. I do now have executive diary to write down my appointments, deadlines and plans I want achieve. I got this change thanks to the hobby of blogging. I got my own notebook to list down all themes and entries I want to write in my blog. I also even have a box to put all things, needed school supplies to keep it handy and easy to reach.

Sometimes I do things in the solitude of my small space at my room. Most of the time, ill go out to have a snack to boost my mind. If coffee can wake up my sleepyhead, treats of Goldilocks will boost my mental alertness.

If there’s one thing that cannot be change in me that would be to have and enjoy a slice or two even three of Goldilocks’ Braso de Mercedes. I always have this every time I want to celebrate for myself little achievements. If it’s a big achievement, definitely I bring home the whole cake, palabok and fresh lumpia.

My changes are yet to come, for I am a work in progress.The only constant in this world is change. Changes must now be dealt accordingly by organizing one’s points of view and way of life. Even change is constant, I wont say “bahala na si Batman” not because for sure he wont come, but I'll say "help me Lord, for I want to organize myself, my life, my future, sweetly".

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