July 26, 2010

Me and my Shirts

I'm a kind of person who is so meticulous about my clothes. I don’t want shirt designed to give loud statements. Every time I go to the mall, I see people wear has this kind of personalized t-shirts that has loud and offensive statements. I love to wear shirts that is plain and simple or with geometric figures or stripes. Call it "out-fashioned" but still simple is elegant. I prefer to wear shirts and jeans and hiking sandals.

When you go check my shirts on my cabinet, you can see more of these customized t-shirts. Souvenir shirts from travels that has prints about the place and Conference shirts that I attended to which has designs similar to a motivational posters.

Lately, I realized that my wardrobe must now have a major overhaul or a makeover. Scouting in the mall for new shirts is very frustrating. Now only of the price but also of its designs and its size. Now I had this idea, to have a customized t-shirts to be it more personalized.

I didn't had the chance to buy souvenir shirts due limited stock of extra large sized shirts (XL). They have XL but the design doesn’t suit for my taste. That is why I this idea to have a personalized t-shirts. Ill submit a photo of the design of what I have and in just minutes I have a new shirt that suites me. I can even have environmental issues themed shirts like Save the Gulf t-shirts to call awareness of oil spill damage.

Isn’t it great idea? What do you think?

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