July 12, 2010

Food Trip # 39 : @ Cusina de Oro (2 of 5)


Pochero Especial


Last January 9, 2010, i attended a friend's wedding in Cagayan de Oro City. MyGF and her mother had their hair and make-up done, me and myGF's dad is in their car cruising around the city to get his Barong (Filipinos most formal male garment) we came across to this one very inviting billboard sign.

i immediately forgot my manners in exclaiming "wow! they serve ostrich, i want to try that". her dad agreed and promised "you want that? tomorrow lets have our dinner there".

the next day, true to his words, her dad instructed myGF for us to meet them in Cusina de Oro after their tennis game. me and my GF had our mall tour first then we proceeded to the said resto and before we come inside, i took that photo.

for the next 5 weeks starting June 02, 2010 ill be sharing to you our meals on this resto.

second dish is 'Pochero Especial'. this soup makes our dry meals more filling and warms our hungry tummy to comfort. its a stew of beef knee (or shank) and veggies. its well loved due to its bone marrow.

a travel will not be complete without a food trip :D

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
Cusina de Oro
LKK drive, Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental, Philippines
last 10th of January 2010



http://foodtripfriday.net/ said...

wow! sarap naman ng Pochero,pahingi ng maraming sabaw!

maiylah said...

comfort food ni hubby ung pochero...am sure kung kakain siya dyan oorder siya niyan. ;)

hmmm...that ostrich and crocodile farm sounds familiar. i think nakapunta na diyan si hubby at ung eldest namin when we lived in Malaybalay for some time. me? i was busy doing the groceries that time. LOL

no worries about being late, Jay
enjoy the start of the week! :)

Lalaine said...

I miss CDO.. I haven't been to Cuisina de Oro too.. I think it wasn't still on business when we went there.. I only remember Cafe Laguna in LKKS.

Bogie said...

I miss this dish. This is what we usually eat at Cusina de Oro.

tatess said...

sana matikman ko rin yang pochero at cusina de oro.

Anonymous said...

u are right..when I travel, I eat the native foods...congrats

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