July 27, 2010

Cakes and Coffee

As a coffeeholic and chocoholic, I really love this moment of enjoying a hot mug of coffee and a serving of chocolate pastry.

One time when I was in Cagayan de Oro City, I stayed on the coffee shop while waiting for my Girlfriend from her gym workout. That coffee shop has many cake stand lined up full of very tempting cake slices, pies and cookies. After a few sips of my coffee, I really can’t resist of having a cake slice. I approached the counter and ordered for a moist chocolate cake, which sits on this very elegant counter display. I waited for a few minutes and the waitress served my order on a stoneware dessert plate.

I ate my cake a teaspoon at a time, enjoying every bite of it. After a few more minutes, my phone rang upon receiving a text message from my Girlfriend informing me that she is coming over to see me. I replied to her that ill just be the one to pick her up on the gym. I placed back my phone on my bag and to my dismay upon seeing my camera; I forgot to take a photo of this heavenly experience.

From this experience, I formulated of this plan. My Girlfriend’s family also loves cakes and coffee. My plan is to buy a cake, then upon reaching on their home, we will brew coffee and let the conversation going while setting the table with coffee cups and mugs. I hope on this moment we can get to know each other more and better. I hope that this plan will come true sooner that I prayed for.

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