January 31, 2010

Food Trip # 36 : My 1st Airline Food


PAL Econolight Snacks_01

My 1st Airline flight was Manila-Cebu thru Philippine Airlines flight PR 861, and its my 1st time in Cebu too. Since we (me, my sister and friend) are on a very tight budget, we vigilantly wait for promos and other discounted fares. after a few weeks of waiting, Philippine Airlines introduced its newest Fare Class, the EconoLight. it has a big fare cut compared to their EconoFiesta Class. Aside from that EconoLight Class has no meals/snacks and you will be seated on the last rows of the plane thus the fare cut. so we took it right away. while we are in flight to Cebu, the Cabin Crew serve the snacks for EconoFiesta Clients. As for us, we dont get any "frills". i dont care, as long as saved a lot and landed safely, its all that matters.


a few months ago. the EconoLight Class has been upgraded. it now serves light snacks as seen on the photo. now the difference of Fiesta Class to Light Class is Fiesta Class has 20Kg Check-in Baggage allowance (except W and U classes), unlike Light Class retain its 15Kg Baggage Allowance. Thus on my trip to Cagayan de Oro City last 08 of January, 2010 i now have snacks be served on board. The Cabin Crew will ask the client if he will have water; coffee or tea. i asked for coffee for i am a coffeeholic.

for this flight i had : (left to right) Crackers (red); salted peanuts (white); a cup of coffee w/ sugar and cream (small white and blue sachets). OPPS!!! plush toy not included, he is my model =))

yum yum, what a great way to fly. now i wonder what food does the Business Class have =))

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 onboard
Philippine Airlines Flight PR283
Philippine Airspace between Manila to Cagayan de Oro City
last 08th of January 2010


♥Willa♥ said...

Good for you. my first flight with PAL back when I went to Aklan, I already forgot what we had for a snack, although it's only 20 mins flight. :D

Sheren-May said...

I had FF also 'bout Food at the plane... But mine was a heavy meal... Good day Jay!

Bogie said...

Perfectly Blended
It's good that PAL serves light snacks... I love the coffee.

maiylah said...

they give you more food choices at the business class section, lol.

i agree about light snacks and less fare. you can always eat when you get down from the plane. :)

thanks for playing again, Jay
enjoy the rest of the week!

Jac said...

me too I wonder what food does the Business Class have? Yummy ang snack friend perfect combination sa hot coffee =)

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