January 24, 2010

Food Trip # 35 : Chowking Duets B


Mandarin Chicken and Crispy Fish

Chowking has a new but limited offering, the Chowking Duets. 3 set meal that has 2 viands and 1 cup of rice for only 79 pesos (drink not included).

For this entry, I first tried the set B, it has Mandarin Chicken (top) and Crispy Fish nuggets (right) plus Rice (left). the Mandarin Chicken has a sweet and sour sauce and Mandarin Orange bits. The fish nuggets has a bit spicy side from its coating - seasonings - and the dip (tartare i guess). the verdict? its yummy good and for a man has the appetite, an extra rice is a must.


i really dont like to give rants on my blog, but i really do have to, to improve their products and/or services.

i met myGF's big sister in SM Mall of Asia last 08 of January 2010. i orderd this meal and myGF's sister ordered a boneless bangus meal. Unfortunately, they dont have plain rice thus WE MUST ADD 6+ PESOS for a garlic rice. i just felt we been robbed :(( and left no choice but to say "OK!".

how came that they have garlic rice but don't have plain rice at 10:00am :(does it mean that they served us an old rice (kaning lamig) they just turned it to garlic rice? does it mean that they are still cooking rice? when you are engaged in a food business, plain rice is a must and the first thing to consider, isn't it? Before we open our doors, we must have ready fresh cooked plain rice, isn't it?

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
Chowking SM Mall of Asia
Pasay City, Philippines
last 08th of January 2010


♥Willa♥ said...

awww...that's not very nice of them. I love Chowking pa naman. Dapat ang ginawa nila because it's somewhat their fault not to have the plain rice but have the boneless bangus that usually goes with it, since they offer the garlic rice, the least thing they could do is not to give you any additional charge.
Have a happy weekend!

chubskulit said...

Usually naman kasi baga ang fried rice eh yung kaning lamig diba but they could have prepare the plain rice for you.

My entry

Manang Kim said...

I missed chowking lalo na halo-halo nila. I remember when my hubby used to visit me we are always in chowking every afternoon because of the halohalo ^_^

YummySunday:Seafood Trio

Bogie said...

Perfectly Blended

I noticed this new food variety too, but haven't tried it yet. I seldom eat at Chowking.

Thanks for sharing. :)

wenn said...

i would definitely love this dish!


wow, sarap..



Sunshine4Life said...

fish and chicken nuggets plus rice? nice combination. ma try ko yan sa future.

my dessert is up!


maiylah said...

oo nga, dapat meron na silang plain rice! siguro if it was me i'd be FORCED to pay the additional amount, too...

haven't tried their duets yet, but my son did and he said it's ok. lol

thanks for playing, Jay
so sorry for the very late visit ...

enjoy the rest of the week!

*MrsMartinez* said...

Nothing new with the fast food system here. You could not choose what chicken part to order, you just have to accept whatever it is that they have on their kitchen. In your case, you really got rob with the garlic rice, they should not charge you with PhP6 because you wanted plain rice in the first place. xoxo

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