November 29, 2009

Yummy Sunday by Bogie # 18 : Cafe de Bohol

After a series of Pinoy Street Foods, lets take a break and let me feature Pinoy Native Products with a title "Tatak Pinoy" to support the Philippine Department of Trade and Industries' "one town one product (OTOP)" campaign. I will make a blog entries regarding "OTOPs" and other Philippine Native Delis in this meme so do please visit every week

My featured menu for today:
Cafe de Bohol

on this photo, im showing 2 variants : Cafe de bohol and; cafe latte de bohol. as i remeber they still have 3 more variants. i cant remember clearly, the box that seen in the photo is far from me thus i cant use it for reference.

the brown sachet is the Cafe de Bohol which has : coffee; creamer; sugar; agaricus mushroom and; mangosteen extract. it taste good and you can really feel the jolt of coffee and the benefits of agaricus and mangosteen.

the green sachet is Cafe Latte de Bohol which has : coffee; milk; sugar; agaricus mushroom and; mangosteen extract. i guess its also has cocoa poweder because it taste like mocha to me.

Town / City : Tacloban City
Province : Bohol


Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580
in our home in La Union
last 23rd of March 2008



Manang Kim said...

Wow I didn't know Bohol has there own coffee now. I bet it is good since our coffee in the Philippines is good.

Mine is here My yummy sunday here

chubskulit said...

wow sosyalin na ang bohol, may own brand na ng coffee hehehe..

I have Cake for dessert

gracia said...

my first time here.. visit my site too!

Bogie said...

Good to know that Bohol has there own brand of coffee now. I hope I can try that one too.

Bogie @ Perfectly Blended

Fe said...

wow,that's new for me. Well hope my parents can try this coffee, di kasi ako umiiinom ng coffee

Chie Wilks said...

wow...i never thought na meron palang sariling coffee ang Bohol...thanks for sharing this and for visiting mine

Kero said...

this is definitely good news! i'd love to taste mangosteen on my cuppa :)

is it available in Metro? i sure will want to buy some

my entry is here

Princess Sarah said...

wow, sarap nito sigurado, thaks for sharing this.

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