November 8, 2009

La.Pi.S. # 72 : Tomato


Kamatis, Bagoong at Lasona
Tomato, Fish Paste & Onions

The first time i heard about KBL is the abbreviation for a well known political party here in the Philippines.

But in Ilocos Region, KBL is also a well known dip. alam nyo naman ang pinoy, mahilig sa sawsawan and this is the Ilocano's favorite dip. Lasona is the Ilocano word for Onions. the Ilocos native onions are those smaller ones - about the size of cherry tomato - than the ordinary. some people call it small onions or shallots.

other peple prefer to use shrimp fry paste (bagoong alamang). they even add chili pepper too.

this is good if not the best dip for: green mangoes; grilled or fried fish or meat.

for this photo, we cant see the effect of the fish paste since its all ready at the bottom - sorry, i forgot to use a transparent bowl for this. i also added spring onions for added color and taste.

as i said last entry (LaPiS # 71 : Potato) i used this KBL to dip our daing na bangus. i tried to dip the potato fries and its good too :D

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
our home
last 22nd of October 2009


Unknown said...

this is my favorite side dish. lasona pala ang onions sa Ilokano. if i'm not mistaken, KBL din ang nasa menu ng Trellis for this salad. mouth-watering!

Pinky said...

Yummy!!! I'm suddenly craving for green mangoes and this tuloy - waaahh!!!

FoodieJenn said...

Ay masarap to sa barbecue! Lasona is shallots, I think - those little onions na usually may leaves pa.

@Pinky - Green mangoes on KBL... hmmmm, kakaiba yun ah? Testingin nga.

My tomato dish for LaPis is served HERE. Happy weekends!

iska said...

sarap nito! hindi nawawala sa kainang pinoy lalo na sa mga outing at reunion....

ces said...

oooohhhh!!!! sarap! i will make tonight!:)

♥peachkins♥ said...

masarap na sawsawan. lalo na ng inihaw..

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