August 16, 2009

La.Pi.S # 61 : Sprinkles


McDonald's Sundae

the ordinary choco fudge sundae is now sprinkled w/ Oreo Cookie crumbs. i admit as of this writing, i cant recall its exact name. i can only recall "cookies and cream" sundae but my sister said "oreo choco fudge", if you know this one, pls do share it in your comment.

Have a great day ka-Lasang-Pinoy :D

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580
last 25th of May 2009
at McDonald's Vigan
Vigan City, Ilocos Sur, Philippines



iska said...

whatever it is... penge ako! sounds YUM!

Mirage said...

yep yep! love them kahit aling sprinkle! :D

秘密崇拜者 said...

Hello, blogwalking here at your lovely site, wish you a great weekend, all the best

Lynn said...

I love McDo sundae w/o the sprinkles but my daughter loves this.

Seiko said...

ya i too think its little different but its yummy n tasty!!!!!

oggi said...

Crushed oreos sprinkle is so yummy! I bet the pink bunny loves it too.:)

Clarissa said...

Whatever it is,I'm sure it will satisfy my sweet tooth!!\(^0^)/ Yummy!!

ces said...

hehe natuwa naman ako dun sa naka abang:) that looks good jay!:) esp on a toasty day such as today! not complaining though...haha!

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