August 26, 2009

ABC wed R5 : the letter "F"

the letter
" F "

im am FLYING today. my destination Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental (Philippines). My 2nd Leg (Mnl - Cgy -Mnl). for this year.

My FIRST leg was Manila - Cebu (Mnl-Ceb) and Dumaguete City, Negros Orienta to Manila (Dgt - Mnl) last FEBRUARY. my FIRST leg was so memorable and now on my second ,im sure it will be more memorable because of the following reasons, but not limited to:

it will be my FIRST FLIGHT to travel alone;
it will be my FIRST time to go to Mindanao (Philippines);
it will be my FIRST time to visit my GirlFRIEND's hometown;
it will be my FIRST time to meet her parents; FAMILY and FRIENDS;
we - my GirlFRIEND and I - will celebrate our FIRST year anniversary;
we will have our FIRST FORMAL date;

Have a Great Wednesday to all of us :D

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580
cropped using Photostudio 5 by Arcsoft in
Our Home
last 24th of August 2009



Reader Wil said...

Wonderful first flight to Mindanao! Have a great time!

Sylvia K said...

Sounds wonderful! Enjoy that first flight to Mindanao!

photowannabe said...

This is a lot of firsts. I hope your first formal date with your girlfriend goes well. I'm sure the family will love you.

Amy said...

Good luck on so many "firsts." A very positive uplifting post. Thanks!

Roger Owen Green said...

congrats all around!

Leslie: said...

Great choice for our F-Day! Congrats on everything. :D

Tumblewords: said...

Have a great time and it sounds like you will!

Grace and Bradley said...

that is a lot of "F". Have a Fantastic trip.

kikamz said...

That is a lot of F! good luck in meeting the parents! and Happy Anniversary too! That's sweet of you to be flying all the way from Manila to meet them.

jay said...

A lot of firsts in there, Jay! Have fun!

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