August 19, 2009

ABC wed R5 : the letter "E"

E is for

yes my dear readers, i'm wearing an eyeglasses. its all started when i was in 1st Year High School. When a good doctor when to our school and held medical examinations for us, he, well we, found out that i can i am nearsighted. thats explains why i need to go to the class front row seat jaz to copy the lectures. i usually sit on the back since i'm one of those who are tall. after that med exams, my father brought us (me and my sister) to have an eye refraction and its started my eyeglasses days.

my first eyeglasses is made of glass lens since dad told us its virtually scratch proof, but sadly is breakable thus in a few months time i need a new glasses. i made it a point to go for plastic lenses so that its worry free. well, almost, we need to buy a new ones since plastic lenses are easily be scratch.

but now, im better compared to my HS days so i use glass lenses since year 2000 and i change eyeglasses every 3 years since my eyes changes its sight. the photo, features my latest eyeglasses, new frame i should. the one before this has a broken arm thus i need a new ones. the optometrist said that my eye sight is not yet changed, we will just change the frame and recycle the old lenses (w/c is bigger in diameter) so that ill only pay for the new frame.

Have a Great Wednesday to all of us :D

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
our Home
last 08th August 2009



Dragonstar said...

I like those frames. I've worn glasses for very nearly 60 years, and my first frames were very ugly. I'm so short-sighted that at one time I needed new lenses every six months. Fortunately things are much better now!

Thank you, on behalf of the Team.

Q said...

Good e!
I also wear eye glasses.

Jay said...

I've worn glasses since I was ten years old. The first ones were blue plastic and not very pretty, but I could see! I hadn't realised what I was missing until then!

Joy said...

I sat near the back at school and just assumed nobody could read the blackboard properly if you sat there. Much better when diagnosed with short sight and have worn glasses ever since.

Roger Owen Green said...

I've been wearing glasses since I was at least 8; my 5-yr-old daughter has glasses now.

Tumblewords: said...

Nice frames. It was recommended that I wear glasses in high school but I refused. I told them I had all I could handle in the small area I could see and didn't have any desire to take on more. Some (no, I'm not going to tell you how many but it's a lot) years later, my eyesight is the same... :)

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