June 3, 2009

ABC Wed R4: the Letter "T"

T is for
Solanum lycopersicum

part of my dip for our fried fish. sauteed for other dishes. good for pasta sauce and salads.

Have a Great Wednesday to all of us :D

All photos herein are captured by Familia Khuletz using Canon Powershot A580 in a local market last 15th of January 2009



Sailor Girl said...

(mine is at Atlântico Azul!!)

It reminds me that song by Ira and George Gershwin «You say Tomatoe, I say Tomáto, you say potatoe, I say Potáto» LOL!!!

On behalf of the ABC Team I thank you for participating and am looking forward to your next week's «U» contibution!

Have a nice day!!!

mommy jac said...

naku best talaga ang tomato ilagay sa saw-sawan.How's your day friend?

jay said...

That is probably the most interesting photo of tomatoes that I've ever seen! I love the colours and shapes. :)

Tumblewords: said...

I love tomatoes - great photo!

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