December 26, 2008

Pinoy Street Food #9: Letchon (Roasted Pig)

as i mentioned on my past blog entry prelude to Pinoy Street Food I will make a blog entries regarding "pinoy street foods" and I will create the succeeding entries in this meme so do please visit every friday and the Food Friday Meme

Young (less than a year) pig Roasted on a pit of Charcoals.

Its Holidays once again. Who says that Ham is the star of the notche buena feast? Its the letchon who is the star not only on notche buena but to all kind of pinoy feast.

Letchon is so pricey that only the selected few can buy it whole. For some, they buy whole if they feeding many foodies. So, many people can't buy it. even if they can, they cannot consume the whole pig. Thus, merchants now sell it on "per kilo" - or a fraction of it - basis so that many families can enjoy it and for people on the budget, they can buy even a small amount just for them to taste it on this holiday season. For this stand, they sell it for 350 pesos per kilogram (w/ or w/o bones). The head is more expensive. Letchon only becomes a street food during holidays.

Party host serve it as its or they cook it as stew (localy called letchon paksiw) or they replace the pork ingrident with lecthon.

They say that Letchon Cebu is the most delicius varaiety in the country. hmm,? I wonder how does it taste like. i hope i can buy/eat even a few just to taste it.

Letchon is not limited to pigs, we have cows and chickens. you see it on the up comming entries so pls do visit again.

Happy Holidays :)


Em Dy said...

Lechon Cebu is really nice. No need for sarsa. I hope you get to taste it too.

♥peachkins♥ said...

Naku Jay, kami rin nagpa-Lechon ni ate nung Christmas and I'll be posting my Lechon for La.Pi.S...

Ang mahal ng Lechon ngayong Pasko,nakakaloka!

luna miranda said...

I always buy "tinge" lechon from CNT in Cebu. it's tasty and crunchy.

luna miranda said...

here in Manila, Elar's lechon is the best.

KitchenMaus said...

Those not used to seeing whole roasted pigs are in awe when they do for the first time! (Read: mga puti!) hehe.

I am not a fan...I know its weird, i dont really now why :D

maiylah said...

the lechon in our place doesn't need any sarsa ... and am missing it! the lechon here in Manila are a far cry. lol.

thanks for playing, Jay
... and so sorry for the late response. been away from my computer for the past few days. ;P

happy holidays!

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