June 9, 2015

VEEMS : the newest way of messaging

We already used text messaging with 180 characters, then came the 180 characters by 5 in just one send. Then Apps came with 140 characters, then hashtags and likes was a major breakthrough. Much more phenomenal was sending selfies or photos, then with 15 sec videos but no sounds/audio. Oh men! as I aged, messaging apps are growing fast. Until I came across Veems.

it has everything we need in a messaging app : text, stickers, even selfies/photo with audio. its the newest and craziest thing in messaging. all we need is to register using email or FB / Tweeter log in details and follow the next procedure in setting up and its good to go.

wife and I are now on veems to make most of our conversations fun and more lively. so download veems and see for yourself the true power of messaging.  
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