March 14, 2014

New Meals from Jollibee

I know some of you have heard about this, tried it too. Here's some thing new on Jollibee's Menu:

As of 24th of February 2014, the return of our beloved Lenten Season Jollibee Treats.

As of 10th of March 2014, our beloved weekday rice meals has a new combo.

Upon seeing that poster I then ordered the Garlic Beef Combo. Its good combo and you need an extra rice for sure. I also asked for hot sauce too.

Lastly for dessert. I cannot remember when was this started. All I know is this treat is yummy indeed!

It has KitKat Bits and caramel syrup blended in Vanilla soft served Ice Cream. Don't worry, its not too sweet, its just right.
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