March 24, 2014

Creamy Delight Preps you for Summer

Summer means sexy bods here, there and everywhere. That Is why im giving way to this article for we - yes! we! - will conquer the beaches.

After months on end munching on salty treats, summer is knocking on our doors again to remind us to get back into shape. The usual and fastest way people achieve this is through calorie cutting and pushing your body to the limit. But these tactics usually result into putting your body in a worse condition as abrupt starvation and too much workout can unnecessarily stress your body.


Another taboo in the getting-into-shape-mania is that you should refrain from snacks as if they are immediately synonymous with unhealthy foods or the worse one, starving yourself. However, thanks to technology, we can still enjoy the leisure of snacking while keeping our health and shape in check. Thanks to pasteurization, a technological breakthrough that can assist us in our summer diet,our favorite snack that fills us up and keeps our health in check is now more available than before. This process heats up food and sterilizes it, all while preserving nutrients and enabling it to have longer shelf life.

Regular / Original

The one snack that you can now enjoy to help you get into a sexy summer body is pasteurized yogurt Creamy Delight. Each cup is filled with vitamins and nutrients to give you the extra energy you need to push through your stressful day and straight to your after-work activities. With a low sodium percentage, it ensures that your body absorbs all these nutrients faster and better. Compared with other unhealthy snacks we usually binge on, it’s better to munch on something handy, healthy, and unbelievably light. Now you can enjoy long-lasting energy to spend that quality time with your family while rocking that sexy bod!

Thick and Creamy
With four variants to choose from, you’ll never get bored. You have thick and creamy for that extra yogurt goodness, the original non-traditional yogurt perfect for bonding with the family, the non-fat for those who are going the extra mile to rock their bikinis, and the ever so delicious Creamy Delight for kids with real pureed fruit flavor to entice and energize your active kids all throughout their day. Whether you go for one or all four, your back-to-shape program is safe from disintegrating from its goals.

Yogi Kids
You can get your Creamy Delight fix in your favorite convenient stores and sari-sari stores all over the country. Keep it sweet, keep it sexy, and keep it healthy with Creamy Delight!
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