January 28, 2013

Spicing up the Kitchen With Less Heat

Literally dozens of pressure cooker recipes exist for those who prefer this lightning fast method of cooking over the traditional convection oven. KitchenAid® cookware offers another bonus when it comes to reducing heat and saving cooking time.

Pressure cooker quick recipes, such as that for beef stew, cut down on cooking time by at least two hours. The total time for this family favorite, from start to finish, is a mere 25 minutes. The secret behind this rapid readiness is the locking lid on the cooker. It increases the temperature at which the food cooks, while holding in moist steam -- this tenderizes the ingredients.

You can use your pressure cooker for recipes, preparing something as simple as pork chops to a finer dish such as coq au vin. Whether it is just your family you are trying to please or guests you want to impress, you cannot go wrong using this method.

For novices and serious cooks alike, KitchenAid ovenproof cookware is a must-have, especially when trying to reduce cooking time and the amount of heat you generate in the kitchen. These sets are the finest that you can find, known for their long-term durability, scratch resistance and fast cooking times. This reduces the amount of time you spend in the kitchen. One of the nicest features, though, is that they are oven safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. You can brown your meat on the stove top, then finish your dish in the oven.

No one enjoys slaving over a stove for hours at a time. This is what makes pressure cookers and KitchenAid cookware essential components in your kitchen arsenal.

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