September 18, 2012

San Mig Coffee Super Packs Media Launch

11 September 2012
Sulo Riviera, Quezon City


An unexpected (short notice) invitation from cousin Marjorie put me to my another "first". It's been a childhood dream to go to Sulo Hotel (former name of Sulo Riviera) because my dad used to share stories about it. Since its a dream and its near and I consume the sponsor's product, I did not hesitate to go. After my "must-dos" I'm off to the venue.

Coffee 3-in1s are now "IN". Many coffee mixes are now lined up with many variants. I stopped my usual coffee brand since when they made a "now richer aroma" change in their product, it tasted more sugar than coffee. Thus I became a San Mig Coffee drinker.

I guess my first San Mig Coffee mix drink was when I was in Ilocos Sur - in our foster home during my service in Gawad Kalinga (GK) Vigan and Candon cities. It tasted coffee goodness thus I switched from then on.


After my signed up the attendance sheet, the registrars instantly took care of me from handing out the media kits to assisting me to my assigned table. After a little wait, they served up our buffet dinner and I enjoyed the food specially the tapas of french bread, butter, roasted beef and smoked tanigue.

Sulo Riviera
my dinner plate (clockwise from left): Pork Salpicado; Chicken Scalopine and Steamed Fish in ginger sauce plus iced tea

Sulo Riviera
my Tapas plate (clockwise from left) French Bread; Smoked Tanigue and Roasted Beef plus butter and San Mig coffee

After the feast, the Emcee entered the stage to start the program.

Media Launch:

Ms. Gelli Victor is the emcee of the event as she opened the program she introduced Mr. Alan Castro, general manager for San Mig Super Coffee Mixes.

Ms. Gelli Victor
Emcee : Ms. Gelli Victor (

General Manager for San Mig Coffee Super Mix
Mr. Allan Castro - General Manager for San Mig Coffee Super Mix

After his welcome remarks, they introduced their new brand ambassador - tagged as ms. Siglamazing - Ms. Anne Curtis

Ms. Anne Curtis
Ms. Anne Curtis ( San Mig Coffee Brand Ambassador

San Mig Coffee chosen Ms. Curtis because she is "total entertainer": an actress, endorser, host and entertainer (ms. Curtis acknowledged that she is not a singer but an entertainer) and that prompted the press con.

Ms. Anne Curtis
Press Conference

During the press con, I excused myself to have a souvenir photo at their photo booth. Their Photo Booth as an instant upload to your Facebook Account and "like" to the San Mig Coffee official FB page.

Photo Booth

In between the press con they raffled off cash prizes (P3,000; P5,000; P10,000; and P15,000) after which the program ended but the press interview did not. Me and my co-bloggers waited for awhile to meet Mr. Lee who invited us to the event, after that meeting we then went home.


Thank you so much Mr. Lee and Mr. Jonel Uy for inviting me in this event.
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