January 2, 2009

Pinoy Street Food #10: Fruits set A

As I mentioned on my past blog entry prelude to Pinoy Street Food I will make a blog entries regarding "pinoy street foods" and I will create the succeeding entries in this meme so do please visit every Friday and the Food Friday Meme.

My featured menu for today:
Pineapples; Watermelon; & Papaya

Its New year Once again :)

Pinoys are fond of having Fruits on the table on new year's eve - specially the rounded ones - because they say it brings good luck & prosperity.

I'm starting the new year' entry to this meme with fruits. these fruits is year-round available on the streets but not that readily since fruits are sometimes seasonal. Fruits not in season is more expensive due to lack of supply and high demand :(

Happy New Year to every one. Wishing all providence to you and to your family :)

All photos herein are captured using Canon Powershot A580


Anonymous said...

Happy new year, Jay! :-)
Wish you had a wonderful eve!

Anonymous said...

Those fruits are the best way to start one's day :)

Have a bountiful 2009 filled with joy, peace and love :)

♥peachkins♥ said...

Happy New year! naku,favorite ko yang Pinya.Dyan ko pinaglihi ang baby girl ko..

Thanks for your visit!
have a great weekends!

Anonymous said...

healthy! ;P
oo nga, seasonal yung fruits na makikita mo na tinitinda. sa summer andyan yung hilaw na manga! :)

thanks for playing again, Jay
happy new year!

Anonymous said...

uy nkk-miss yan! happy new year!

marie said...

Happy New Year Jay!

Anonymous said...

Those are 3 of my most favorite fruits!!! Namiss ko tuloy pagkita sa pictures...we always get those from friends na merong taniman, dito ngayon pahirapan bumili ang mahal pa... =(

Anonymous said...

na miz ko ang papaya hhmmm
Happy New Year Jay.

Zeee said...

Wow! I love street food! Iba talga pag pinas!

Serving mine here

Anonymous said...

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