November 3, 2014

Online Shopping for Kitchen Tools

For many times now, I've been hooked to online shopping specially if the items are nowhere to found in malls and stores. Not only that, some items online are much cheaper with the same quality. Of course, I also have fears of bogus sellers and low quality items thus it pays to have some protection.

Until I found Lamido Buy and Sell Site. With Lamido's SafePay, Lamido acts a third party wherein Lamido will only give the item if the buyer pays then give the payment to the seller if the seller delivered the item(s) thus Lamido is perfect for online shopping specially this Christmas Season. Now I'll never fear those bogus sellers ever again.

I hope you have a list of your loved one's Christmas wish for Lamido have it all in a discounted and reasonable price. Kitchen tools for my wife, mother and mother-in-law are always a surprise for them. hmmm? What would it be for whom??? What do you suggest?


Online Revolution:
In line with the Online revolution happening on November 11, Lamido is giving away great discounts and giveaways. Starting last Nov.1, we are giving away FREE cellphone and will last until the launch of Lamido On The Rise - a one-day sale.


Click this (facebook) link and then share so that we can win a new phone.
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