October 1, 2014

‘Tex-Mex’cellence - The Talk Of The Tavern


A mix of authentic Mexican and Spanish dishes prepared Texas-style, Tex-Mex cuisine has found its way to the tables of Village Tavern, prepared by award-winning Bistro Corporate Chef, Josh Boutwood. And they’re excellent.

Tex-Mex is a well-loved fusion of Texan, Mexican, Southwestern and Spanish dishes considered as American regional cuisine from the 1800s.

“And since Village Tavern traditionally serves American comfort food, expect to indulge in big bold flavors as we launch our new and exciting Tex-Mex dishes,” Chef Josh Boutwood said.

Crossing the border with cheesier, chili-er and meatier choices are Chef Josh’s latest 9 creations for Village Tavern. Folded in half but a whole lot of flavor, Village Tavern’s take on the classic quesadilla has brisket and ox tongue. The Ox Tongue Tacos boasts of braised ox tongue smothered with a rich combination of zesty chipotle pepper sauce to complete the lip-smacking picture. The Brisket Quesadilla, on the other hand, puts together succulent slivers of beef spiced with cumin and coriander for that beefed up quesadilla goodness.

And holy guacamole! What’s all these quesadillas without a dip or topping? Village Tavern’s Hand Hacked Guacamole is the best thing that has ever happened to fresh chunky avocados seasoned with spices and lime and served with corn tortilla chips.

Village Tavern’s Spiced Rubbed US Prime Flank Steak is premium US flank steak rubbed in fresh herbs and spices, grilled to perfection just the way you want it and served with poblano crema, green rice and corn succotash to bring added flavor.

“If you love spicy, flavorful dishes, you'll love the variety of the new Tex-Mex entrees Village Tavern offers,” Chef Josh enthused. “It’s perfect for a sit-down dinner with the family or a light lunch with friends as you delight in other Village Tavern bestsellers.”

Over the years, Tex-Mex cuisine has undoubtedly evolved in more ways than one can imagine. Varying interpretations of this cuisine has taken you far south of the border or sometimes, way up North, depending on the chef’s style and rendering. Chef Josh Boutwood’s excellent Tex-Mex creations for Village Tavern gives you delicious options for classic American comfort food that takes you right back home.
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