June 7, 2014

Postcard Mania # 05 : Kentucky Whitetail Bucks

07 June 2014


When I was in High School, Insomnia was already part of me. While waiting for Mr. Sandman to pour sand on my eyes, I came across to this movie on TV entitled "84 Charing Cross Road". Its a movie about a two-decade(1949-1969) long distance friendship (New York-London) of two people who loves books. They send not only letters but also includes postcards, food parcels,and virtually everything that the post accepts. That movie made me want to have letters and postcards and make it as my wall paper.

Hopefully  - at this times where post is becoming less important due to technology - its not yet to late to make this dream a reality. Now that I have two blogger friends who started this idea, I will now blog my postcards received. I'll also join this post crossing website so that my postcard collection will roll over.

Main Entry:

Just received a postcard from the State of Kentucky featuring the Whitetail Bucks.

Post card from A Postcard for You
Theme: Whitetail Bucks of Kentucky.
Post date = no indication.
Date Received = 7 June 2014

Thank you so much A Postcard for You. I'll reciprocate very soon.

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot SX130is in
Our Home
last 07 June 2014

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