August 29, 2013

Kuwait Airways 9K-ANB

Kuwait Airways


Airline: Kuwait Airways
Aircraft: Airbus A340-313
Registration #: 9K-ANB
Serial # / Construction #: MSN 772
First Flight: 23-03-1995
Test Registration: F-WWJZ
Delivery Date: 07-04-1995

First Class Seats (F) : 18
Business Class Seats (C): 24
Economy Class Seats (Y): 230

Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2 (IATA = MNL; ICAO = RPLL)
Manila, Philippines

Arrival; Taxing towards NAIA Terminal 1

Canon Powershot A580

Photo Date and Time:
08 January 2010 3:22pm (GMT +8)

Information Source:,9K-ANB-Kuwait-Airways.php

August 28, 2013

Let Your Car Tint Protect Your Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Sun exposure is typically associated with activities such as spending a day in the beach or playing outdoors. But did you know that sun exposure inside your car can also increase your risk for wrinkles, age spots, facial sagging, and even skin cancer?

 Cancer research shows that UV radiation inside a car is affected by whether car windows are up or down, the orientation of the vehicle to the sun, and the type of films and tints used on car windows.

One thing is sure. For all types of vehicles, car tints are not a luxury. They are a must. Harmful UV rays can be reduced by up to 99% if your vehicle is installed with quality car tint.

What are the advantages of having your car tinted?
  • A good car tint will let you drive better because having the sun in your eyes can adversely affect your reflexes and driving concentration.
  • A good car tint provides you with better privacy, and to a large extent, safety. Car tints can keep people with malicious intent from seeing your valuables that are stored inside the car.
  • A good car tint also protects car upholstery and interiors from direct sunlight that can cause warping, fading or cracking.
  • A good car tint will protect your windows from shattering in the event of an accident. This could save your life and lessen your chances of injury. 
  • A good car tint reduces heat and makes you sweat less, adding to your hygiene and sense of wellbeing.

Most important, a good car tint directly impacts your health. It protects your skin from harmful UV rays that can accelerate aging and give you life threatening skin cancer over a long period of exposure.

3M Automotive Window Films effectively blocks harmful UV rays, rejects heat from the sun, reduces glare, and protects even the interiors of cars, making your ride cool, comfortable, and protected from the sun’s damaging rays.

3M invented window films in 1966 and has been protecting cars and people for more than 40 years now. Improving comfort, protecting vehicle interiors and the people who oride vehicles is a hallmark of 3M Automotive Window Films. Whether the need is for breakthrough heat-rejection technology in a clear film or simply to minimize the harmful effects of the sun, 3M Automotive Window Films are an ideal choice because they can protect with SPF factors exceeding 1000.

There are many types of 3M Automotive Window Films that ensure they will last long and not turn purple even after many years of usage.

For more information about 3M Innovationon and 3M Automotive Window Films, visit www.

August 22, 2013

Malaysia Airlines 9M-MKC

Malaysia Airlines


Airline: Malaysia Airlines
Aircraft: Airbus A330-322
Registration #: 9M-MKC
Serial # / Construction #: MSN 069
First Flight: 28-09-1994
Test Registration: F-WWKM
Delivery Date: 10-02-1995

First Class Seats (F) : none
Business Class Seats (C): 44
Economy Class Seats (Y): 250

Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2 (IATA = MNL; ICAO = RPLL)
Manila, Philippines

Arrival; Taxing towards NAIA Terminal 1
Withdrawn to use last 04-03-2012
Stored at Tupelo Regional Airport (IATA: TUP, ICAO: KTUP) last 26-11-2012

Canon Powershot A580

Photo Date and Time:
08 January 2010 3:38pm (GMT +8)

Information Source:,9M-MKC-Malaysia-Airlines.php

August 19, 2013

Get your juice and smoothie fix with nature’s nut

Health authorities recommend a daily intake of 6-8 servings of fruits and vegetables everyday. But the truth is, most of us fall short in fulfilling this requirement because at most, we only consume about 2-3 servings per day.

This is why juicing became an instantaneous health trend, as it allows the body to get the right concentration of fruits and veggies targeted in a day. With the wide variety of fruits and veggies available, there is no reason for one drink to be bland and boring. More so, additional ingredients such as coconut water can actually boost the health properties of your juice. It provides extra hydration due to its excellent natural source of potassium and electrolytes, plus it has anti-oxidant qualities.

For a quick burst of morning energy, or just a light drink for your afternoon snack, here are juice recipes containing the water from the nature’s nut as your liquid ingredient.

To jumpstart your morning stamina, let a healthy beverage set out your day with these simple juice recipes.

Green Breakfast of Champions
1 cup frozen peaches, mangoes, or pineapples
½ cup berries
1 handful of kale or spinach
½ cup coconut water

A light snack, or just merely to ensure you’re getting your daily fruit and veggie fix, try this sweet and delicious juice.

Strawberry, Pear, and Coconut Water Juice
3 cups fresh strawberries without stems
1 pear, cored and seeded
¼ lime
1 inch ginger
½ cup coconut water

To replenish your lost electrolytes after a long day turn to the power ingredient that is coconut water and blend with your veggies. Kale is known for its cancer-fighting nutrients too.

Garden Green Coco Smoothie
½ cup coconut water
1 handful of kale
1 handful spinach
½ banana

For a convenient way to get your coconut water, Tropicana Coco Quench serves as best alternative for it keeps the natural goodness and freshness of coconut water with its Tetra Pak packaging. Tropicana Coco Quench has up to 8-month shelf life and is widely available in all leading convenience stores and supermarkets in 330ml and 1L packs.

Now we know that while juicing has been widely popular with its cleansing and weight loss properties, there is more to it than just trimming down your waistline. However, note that juicing cannot replace your regular meals, as only a balanced diet is the way to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

For more information about Tropicana Coco Quench,follow and @CocoquenchPH on Twitter

August 17, 2013

Murang Lipad offers travel assistance to passengers affected by flight cancellations

Here’s great news for travelers! Murang Lipad, a division of Triplestar Travel & Tours, announced that it is offering flight reservation assistance to passengers affected by flight cancellations. It services ticket reservation of all major carriers in the Philippines, particularly Tiger Air, Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Air Asia and Jetstar.

To avail of specialized travel assistance, passengers may call the reservations hotline at 849-0100. They may also call Murang Lipad for free by visiting and clicking the WebTalk Button. Office hours are extended from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM daily to accommodate travel needs of affected passengers.

Triplestar has 11 ticketing offices nationwide, particularly in Makati, Manila Domestic Airport, Quezon City, SM Clark, Cebu City, Cebu International Airport, Davao City, Davao International Airport, Puerto Princesa, Tacloban and Bacolod. All are strategically located to cater to passengers’ immediate travel requirements.

For more information about Murang Lipad, please like their Facebook page at and follow their Twitter for more updates.

# # #

About Murang Lipad

Murang Lipad, a division of Triplestar Travel and Tours Inc., is a one-stop portal offering assistance in product and service comparison of the best travel deals. It aims to offer expert travel advice to consumers about airline tickets, hotel accommodations, and travel and tour packages.

Originally known as Leisure Escape Packages (LEP), a division of South East Asian Airlines (SEAIR) that provided ancillary travel services to clients, LEP spun off in January 2009 as a full-service travel agency under the name of Triplestar Travel and Tours, Inc. In 2010, it was appointed as the General Sales Agent of Tiger Airways in the Philippines.

August 16, 2013

Moonleaf Tea Shop Launches Hot Drinks for Tea Aficionados

Moonleaf Tea Shop revives an authentic Taiwanese tradition with an innovative twist for the Filipino market. A favourite spot among young urban professionals and students, the home-grown brand recently launched its Hot Drinks line. The latest addition to its wide-range of freshly- brewed tea offerings include classic favourites like Black Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, Oolong Tea, and Earl Grey Tea. Refreshing and milk-infused variants include Wintermelon, Vanilla, and Caramel Milk Teas, among others. For customers who are looking for a stimulating burst of fruit flavours, Moonleaf's Lychee Jasmine, Passionfruit and Lychee Aloe Vera teas are top choices.

'Moonleaf's premium tea leaves from Taiwan lend an authentic and luxurious tea flavour. Its natural benefits make it the perfect alternative to coffee, and an invigorating treat to health enthusiasts," shared Adrian Adriano, Chief Executive Officer of Moonleaf Tea Shop.

An inspiring success story, Moonleaf started out as a quaint shop along Magiting Street, UP Teacher’s Village in Diliman, Quezon City in 2010. The homey interiors and wide variety of tea concoctions quickly drew in crowds of young and hip students and professionals. Moonleaf's tea drinks and mixes are made from freshly brewed, top-quality tea leaves that are freshly-brewed, steeped and served in authentic Taiwanese tradition. Today, Moonleaf has over 30 branches nationwide. A fast-emerging brand, Moonleaf is venturing into expanding its reach outside the Philippines very soon.

August 15, 2013

Emirates A6-EBF



Airline: Emirates
Aircraft: Boeing 777-31H(ER)
Registration #: A6-EBF
Serial # / Construction #: MSN 32708 LN 536
First Flight: 20-10-2005
Test Registration: n/a
Delivery Date: 02-11-2005

First Class Seats (F) : none
Business Class Seats (C): 42
Economy Class Seats (Y): 386

Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2 (IATA = MNL; ICAO = RPLL)
Manila, Philippines

Arrival; Taxing towards NAIA Terminal 1

Canon Powershot A580

Photo Date and Time:
08 January 2010 3:44pm (GMT +8)

Information Source:,A6-EBF-Emirates.php

August 10, 2013

Baker’s Dozen brings sweet and yummy treats to Power Plant Mall

Power Plant Mall’s all-time favorite pastry fest – The Baker’s Dozen – is back this August to excite and delight shoppers at the heart of fashionable Manila.

 photo eventposter_zps78b06848.png

Make a beeline for the Concourse Level’s South Wing (near True Value) every weekend of August for your cupcake fix, cake pasalubong or an exciting, new discovery.

 photo bakersdozen4_zps5726fd59.jpg

Choose from a variety of sweet endings:  Iya’smany-flavored soft Jumbo Pastillas, The Flour Girl’s variety of mouth-watering cupcakes, The Sweet Life by Ange’s cute-as-a-buttoncakepops, Costa Brava’s classic caramel cake, Hey Gourmet’s ensaymadas topped with gooey goodness,CHOCO atbp.’s tablea chocolate bars and rum cakes, The Noodle Bakes’ rich and delicious gateaux and cakes, and Cru Kitchen’s wide variety of cookies and Belgian brownies, and Sweet Pick’s tasty mini cheesecakes. All these temptations are there for the tasting and taking. 

  photo bakersdozen_zpsad56a973.jpg

But wait, there’s more. Monsees Catering and popular gourmet breadsticks, Joyce’s Homemade Foods’ award-winning pastries, dishes and queso de bola chips, plus Baked by Anita’s Wild Mushrooms & Gruyere with White Truffle Oil pocket pies are also there to sweeten the pot.

 photo bakersdozen2_zps336e965b.jpg

Indulge your foodie side and take on the offerings of the much-awaited Baker’s Dozen at the Power Plant Mall. For more information visit or call 898-1702

T.G.I.Friday’s offers brand new items on their menu

Combine scrumptious American food served in generous portions and an interior that is both hip and comfortably inviting and you get T.G.I.Friday’s.

From salads to starters to steaks and everything in between,this Dallas-based restaurant has served Filipino patrons with its all-American dishes ever since the famed Bistro Group brought it to the country in 1994. From then on, T.G.I.Friday’s has become the go-to hangout spot for barkadas, a staple weekend meal destination of families and a favorite venue for just about any celebration.

TGI Friday - Pretzels and Cheese Sauce
Pretzels and Cheese Sauce

And with the goal to make your every visit feel like a Friday, your favorite American casual dining place is now giving you more reasons to stay and hang-out with up to 11 new items on their menu.

If it’s chicken you’re looking for, the famous Buffalo Wings now has new variants, with the sweet and tangy Honey Barbeque Wings and the savoury Garlic Parmesan Wings.You can also enjoy the classic wings a top a bed of pasta in blue cheese sauce with the Buffalo Chicken Pasta,a dish made of golden fried chicken coated with the familiar buffalo sauce on top of—it’s the perfect excuse to carbo-load.

TGI Friday - Fish Taco Red
Fish Taco Red

Bring out the mariachi band as you feast on Mexican favourites served with T.G.I.Friday’s twist. Start with the Chipotle Yucatan Chicken Salad, a bowl of grilled chicken, mixed greens, cheese, tomato, red onions.

TGI Fridays - Chipotle Yucatan Chicken Salad
Chipotle Yucatan Chicken Salad

Mexican staples are a must-try, so go for the Friday’s Tostada Nachos and Tortilla Crusted Fish Tacos. And if you want things hot and cheesy, the new Texmex Mac & Cheese is a heaping serving of comfort.

TGI Friday Tostado Nachos
Tostado Nachos

An American restaurant is nothing without its array of burgers. So to boost an already all-star menu of burger heaven, Friday’s is adding up two new players. Spicy Beer Queso Burger promises nothing but fun and excitement with beer-cheese sauce, jalapeno, chipotle mayo, lettuce, tomato and guacamole. Meanwhile,the Two Bleu Burger is especially made for blue cheese aficionados, with bleu cheese, and more bleu cheese. Oh, and it has bacon too!

And to round off our gastronomic journey, take a bit from three new cakes to cater to your sweet tooth: Caramel Cheesecake, Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake, and Red Velvet.

Head out to the nearest T.G.I.Friday’s branch now and try these new items yourself. For more information, like us on Facebook and follow @fridaysphil on Twitter and Instagram. You can also sign up at and be one of the firsts to receive offers and promos.

August 8, 2013

Singapore Airlines 9V-SQC

Singapore Airlines


Airline: Asiana Airlines
Aircraft: Boeing 777-212(ER)
Registration #: 9V-SQC
Serial # / Construction #: MSN 28509 LN 86
First Flight: 30-07-1997
Test Registration: n/a
Delivery Date: 06-08-1997

First Class Seats (F) : 12
Business Class Seats (C): 42
Economy Class Seats (Y): 234

Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2 (IATA = MNL; ICAO = RPLL)
Manila, Philippines

Arrival; Taxing towards NAIA Terminal 1
Transferred to Scoot and became 9V-OTC last 03-2012

Canon Powershot A580

Photo Date and Time:
23 April 2010 1:07pm (GMT +8)

Information Source:,9V-SQC-Singapore-Airlines.php

August 7, 2013

Enjoy Philippines launches 2013 Mid-Year Book – its biggest ever!

Enjoy, Philippines – the largest provider of discounts and coupons in the Philippines – scored another coup as it launched its Mid Year Edition 2013 with 30 new premium partners, more gifts, more discounts and VIP privileges at the Rue Bourbon on July 18.

Now over 300 prime establishments from Manila, Boracay, Cebu, Davao and Cagayan de Oro are accessible to card holders. And all can be availed of by using the card or the Enjoy VIP ph app that have made it ever easier for Enjoy Philippines members to enjoy leisure moments, enjoy the best products and services and save money at the same time.

The Mid Year edition takes the discount and privilege card to a whole new level as this edition is loaded with over 15 Buy 1-Get 1 offers, and an additional PhP 50,000 worth of gifts, discounts and VIP privileges that can be activated on smartphones via an app update.

The highly popular loyalty and privilege cardstill comes in a slick kit that contains a card and a colorful coupon book that opens the door to enjoyable shopping, fine and fun dining, bars, health and beauty shops, language schools, photography studios, adventure trips, hotels and resorts, walking tours, and car parts and services – all at prestigious establishments.

Members have the option to use just the card, transact with the coupons or use the Enjoy Philippines app. The Enjoy Philippines app can be downloaded via the iOS appstore or Android appstore.

Besides buying the Enjoy Philippines car and coupon kit directly, there are other ways to become an Enjoy Philippines member now. One can purchase a Globe Tattoo Lifestyle Stick or subscribe to Globe Tattoo Postpaid Plan to receive a special edition Globe Tattoo-Enjoy card with 10 Buy 1-Get 1 coupons to select premiere partner merchants.

One can also purchase a Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note 2 or Mega from authorized Samsung distributors or Philippine telco partners, download Enjoy VIP PH from Google Play or Samsung apps and register as a new user.

Enjoy Philippines members have found that the total savings they get from purchasing an Enjoy Philippines kit amounts to around PhP 300,000. Members are informed of updates and new partners from time to time.

Enjoy Philippines cards cost only PhP1995 and the privileges last for a year. Members get discounts from the over 300 partners nationwide.time.

For more information, go to Or call (02) 750-9258 and (0917) 82ENJOY.

August 1, 2013

Qatar Airways A7-BBE

Qatar Airways

Qatar a7-bbe

Airline: Qatar Airways
Aircraft: Boeing 777-2DZ(LR)
Registration #: A7-BBE
Serial # / Construction # / Line # : CN 36017 LN 837
First Flight: 14-12-2009
Test Registration: n/a
Delivery Date: 22-12-2009

First Class Seats (F) : none
Business Class Seats (C): 42
Economy Class Seats (Y): 217

Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2 (IATA = MNL; ICAO = RPLL)
Manila, Philippines

Arival; Taxing towards NAIA Terminal 1

Canon Powershot A580

Photo Date and Time:
08 January 2010 03:01pm (GMT +8)

Information Source:,A7-BBE-Qatar-Airways.php
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